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Easter Recipes | Carrot Cake Oatmeal Pies, Muddy Buddies, Easter Cupcakes & More


Easter is ALMOST here – yesterday we let you know you can make crafts with your kids with a few items we rounded up … If you are BAKING this year, there are also quite a few ideas you can throw down for cake, peeps cupcakes, cookies, veggies – even HAM I love ham, and […]

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15 Recipes to Use an Abundance of Cucumbers


  Cucumbers are very cheap this week – 8 for $1.00 on our Weekly Price List.   Do you eat them? We love them – but we really don’t use them in Recipes. We cut them up… throw Lime on them, and then dump either hot sauce or seasoning on them and eat them just […]

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17 Pineapple Recipes {+ Pick Up Pineapple for $.97 at Fry’s}

17 Pineapple Recipes

This week is an amazing week to pick up Pineapple – we have a great deal at Fry’s where we can score one for less than $1. I think that’s a steal! I love eating it just plain….. but I also love to throw it on the grill.  If you need some variety, I teamed up with […]

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10 Recipes to Use up Lots of Eggs


Right now we are stocking up at Albertsons on inexpensive Eggs – just $.74 – $.99 per dozen.    Eggs are one of the best foods to have in the fridge – there relatively low cost … they have lots of protein and, there are several ways that you can serve them up. We rounded up […]

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15 Comfort Food Recipes | Cabbage Roll Soup, Slow Cooker Meatloaf & More

Comfort Food

We all love COMFORT foods – mine is Macaroni & Cheese, and Dave says we make it TOO Much (is that such a problem?!) So in order to help you and give you some ideas for those hard to cook evenings.. we rounded up 15 Comfort Food Recipes that you can check out – they’re […]

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$1 off ANY Mission Product Still Available | 2 Chips & Tortillas ONLY $2 at Bashas


Today is the last day to grab this sale price at Safeway – if you haven’t yet done so, grab this coupon for $1 off ONE Mission Product - a few pages in. Through today, pay $.99 for Chips at Safeway: Mission Chips, $1.99 with in-ad coupon (Lim 4)Use the $1 off ANY Mission ProductPay $.99   OR, […]

18 Easy Lenten Meals


Earlier this week we mentioned Lenten Meals, and the response was pretty huge…  Many of you are struggling with mealtimes right now during Lent – it might be difficult for you to figure out what to cook each day.  Meal Planning makes life MUCH easier at this tme of the year, but during Lenten periods, it’s […]

Recipe | 2 Ingredient Sausage Rolls

Sausage 1

This week Pork Sausage is on sale at Fry’s – pick up for $.75. PERFECT time to make Sausage Rolls ~ I mentioned this yesterday on Facebook. It really is SO easy to make. I think the hardest part of making these was trying to find the Puff Pastry – I went to 3 stores, […]

Recipe | Easy 3-Ingredient Fruit Dip

Fruit Dip

  We have Granny Smith Apples this week for $.33 per lb – I think that’s a great price. I have apple pie on the roster for today, and my kids have been feeding on Apples since Wednesday – one, after the other, and another, and another… After 3 trips to the store to get […]

8 Delicious Asparagus Recipes {+ Pay just $.88 per lb In-Store}


We are stocking up on Asparagus this week – just $.88 per pound at Sprouts and also Albertsons – Fry’s has it on sale too – just $.97 per lb. I LOVE Asparagus in my scrambled eggs… that’s a hit around our house. But.. if you are looking for MORE ways to use up that […]

How to Freeze Asparagus

Fresh green asparagus on cutting board

This week we have a great price on Asparagus- great time to stock up. The month of February or March usually lend way to the best price on this all time favorite. To take advantage of the low price, it’s a great idea to freeze so you can save later. Reader Beth was generous enough to […]

Potatoes as an Inexpensive Pantry Staple + 15 Easy Potato Recipes


Potatoes – they are a staple in our house, and thankfully, they are on sale almost every, single week!  You can use potatoes for SO many things – we use them most commonly to make Potato Enchiladas (lots of carbs!) – but there are so many other ways to put them to use.   Each […]

21 Easy & Delicious Super Bowl Appetizers & Sides

21 SuperBowl Recipes

The Super Bowl is just a day away, and we have had a few requests to put together a list of EASY appetizers and snack-type foods that you can serve to yourself and the guests you are having over. So… we rounded up a total of 21 – all are super easy, many of them […]

Recipe | Copycat Crock Pot Mexican Bean Dip


Stock up on Salsa at Safeway this week… and FREE Beans too – then grab some cheap sour cream at Fry’s & put together this great dip for the Super Bowl. You won’t need a ton of time to make this – and it’s so easy even your older children could put it together.   […]

Peanut Butter $.99 at Fry’s + 20 Peanut Butter Recipes

Peanut Butter Recipes

  This week you can pick up a sweet deal on Peanut Butter at Fry’s – just $.99! Check out the deal in the Fry’s matchups – you’ll want to head over to MyFrysExtras and log in to save the offer – it’s limited to 2 per transaction through Tuesday. Because I’m sure we’ll all […]