10 Ways to Use Piloncillo {Mexican Brown Sugar}


Every year… right around this time of the year, my mother in law and I both have Piloncillo sitting on our kitchen counter.  We use it to make Atole around the holidays – she usually buys a ton of it at Food City and splits it with me since she gets there more than I […]


17 Pineapple Recipes {+ Pick Up Pineapple for $.87 at Fry’s}

17 Pineapple Recipes

 This week is an amazing week to pick up Pineapple – we have a great deal at Fry’s where we can score one for less than $1. I think that’s a steal! I love eating it just plain….. I can’t imagine using it any other way. But… if you need some variety, I teamed up […]

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Fresh Produce Coupon | 20% off Green Peppers {+ Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers}


Jump on SavingStar today and grab this offer to load to your shoppers card. SavingStar released a coupon for 20% off your purchase of loose Peppers at participating stores……..it is valid through 12/15.  The offer is valid for purchases of up to $10 (Max $2 Savings).   Through today, Green Bell Peppers are 3 for $.99 […]

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Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe | 3 Ingredients


It’s October, and as hot as it still is in the day time now… the nights have actually gotten a little chilly. At least to me – or am I just thinking things?  I love cooler nights.. and just last night we popped into Fry’s to get more canned Pumpkin and found Nestle Abuelita on […]


23 Ways to Use your Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

Leftover Turkey Recipes

  Chances are…. if you are celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday this week, you probably have either a Turkey or a Ham planned for the oven. You might even have both. Or, you could be like us and have a Turkey and Tamales planned – a little variety there. We have some amazing deals on Turkey […]

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12 Ways to Use Boxed Cake Mix {+ Store Deals}


We are picking up cheap Cake Mix this week at Safeway – and also at Albertsons. If you missed the deals .. here’s a reminder: At Safeway:  Safeway: Betty Crocker Cake Mix $.50 At Albertsons:  Albertsons: Betty Crocker Cake Mix & Frosting $.62 + FREE Eggs Since we have so many great deals.. and since […]


Recipe | Cherry Filled Crescent Rolls


If you read the blog yesterday, we posted up a great deal on canned Pillsbury Crescents this week at Safeway. YUM! I actually had already bought 2 cans of crescents the day before to make something special for the kids… but the best part is that I can now make MORE of these this weekend.   […]

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Recipe | Pumpkin Cranberry Bread

Pumpkin Cranberry Bread

Put a twist on Pumpkin Bread & make some Pumpkin Cranberry Bread – we have such a great sale on Canned Pumpkin at Fry’s through 1/6, and Cranberries are on sale at Sprouts this week for $.99 per Bag.  Combined with a stock of Sugar, Flour & Eggs this week, you can crank out 5 […]

Weekly Meal Plan | November 13th – November 19th


  Here’s your Weekly Meal Plan through next Wednesday.  Every week I will post 5 or 6 links to Dinner Recipes you can use that incorporate the weekly sales items.   Using the best prices from ALL of the Valley Grocers, I tried to make the plan revolve around this one Weekly Price List. This week we […]

Slow Cooker Apple Butter

Slow Cooker Apple Butter - YUM

I’m a huge fan of Fall……. it’s my favorite time of the year. Even more, I’m addicted to apples, and when I can find them on sale at the grocery store I’ll buy loads and loads of them at a time. Just this week I picked up over 12 pounds of apples – I almost […]

Copycat Nutella {Just 6 Ingredients}

Make your Own Nutella

I know many of you love Nutella – I have absolutely no love for it..(I know.. crazy stuff, right?!) but my 8 year old can smear that stuff on everything. She can also eat it right out of the jar….. needless to say, that jar can last a max of 2 days if I’m not […]

Recipe | Pumpkin Crumb Cake

Pumpkin Crumb Cake

Last week I let you know that Kroger canned Pumpkin is just $1 at Fry’s – I actually picked up ten cans, and am gearing up to use every single one in the next 2 weeks. We love Pumpkin…… we made this one last night and it was nothing short of amazing. The cake is […]

Recipe | Slow Cooker Rice Pudding


Put your slow cooker to use this week and make yourself some yummy rice pudding – my kids LOVE rice pudding. And I always make it on the stove with Sweetened Condensed Milk. I had a reader ask for me to repost this recipe today – and thought it would be a great time for […]

Homemade Pumpkin or Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Pumpkin Bread

Do you love Pumpkin Bread? It’s a favorite in our house – far more than Banana Bread. I had a craving for it yesterday and I found the Kroger Brand Pumpkin (15 oz. Can) for $1.00 per can on sale at Fry’s. I picked up a few so I could make some bread.  Trouble is.. […]

Recipe | Slow Cooker Beef Lasagna Soup

Slow Cooker Beef Lasagna Soup In the Crock Pot

I came across this recipe last week and thought it would work super for us – not only as a quick dinner but also as a Crock Pot Freezer Recipe. The original recipe asks you to use Raw Ground Beef sprinkled on the top before you cover in the crock pot – and I did […]