Wash your Shower Curtain Liner in the Washing Machine

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How long has it been since you washed your shower curtain or liner? I did mine this morning again. Not a hard thing to do but something we probably don’t do as much as we should!

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Take the Curtain off the hooks………throw in the washer. I washed mine with the bath towels – I did not use bleach, and don’t use softener – and stick with 1/4 of your usual detergent and warm water.

Remove from the wash, and be prepared to get your floor wet!  You can hang back up immediately in the shower, or you can pop in the dryer on low for 30 seconds to a minute – don’t forget about it in there.

  • Amber Eleanor Meile

    So you wash your plastic liner in the washer?? If so i am going to have to try

    • sherylcuevas

      Sure do :)

  • Sydni

    I used to work at a campground, and we washed the plastic shower liners once a week with a little bleach instead of detergent. Washing them with bleach gets rid of mildew so you can use them longer, but it can be rough on the holes, so if you have a cheap one, it’s probably easier to replace it. Since it is so dry in AZ, I don’t have much issue with Mildew. I never wash mine at home, just replace every year or two or when I start to notice staining or tearing.

    • sherylcuevas

      You can totally wash with bleach – I just didn’t this time Because I had colored towels in there.