Vinegar + Dawn = Magic Shower Cleaner


We all use tons of product in the shower – I know we have about 50,000 bottles in there right now. Last night at 3 a.m. I was in the bathroom, cleaning my shower with Dawn & Vinegar. I’m not sure why, but late at night I get the bug to clean…..and then, eventually, I find myself (several hours later) getting carried away. True story.

Magical bathroom cleaner is essential – why shall we work hard to scrub when we can find two things, mix them together and watch magic happen? Even better, we all have FREE Vinegar from Walmart – which makes it a better deal.  I first saw this on Pinterest months and months ago. Made it myself and then became a believer.

  • Heat up Vinegar (1 C.)
  • Pour in a Spray Bottle
  • Add equal amount of blue Dawn —> That’s a ratio of 1:1

Get in the shower, spray the solution on walls, and floor, and doors and let it sit a few hours. Then, after a while, find an excuse to shower, and wipe it clean with a washcloth as you shower at the same time.

Next time you use it, you don’t have to re-heat the vinegar. You can also use any color Dawn, I just had blue at the house.

  • love2qp

    I have been using this for a while and it works great!!!

    • Jessie Lawler

      Me too- love it!

  • Maria Stradling

    Wow!!! This stuff is amazing! My tub has never been cleaner! Thanks for sharing how to make this. Also wanted to mention I started making your homemade laundry soap… works awesome too! So now I’ll never have to buy laundry detergent or shower cleaner ever again.

  • mnsnowgal

    WOW is right!  Moved into a rental home when we got here over a year ago and I’ve been trying every product imaginable to get this film off the shower tiles – so they’d all be shiny like the top ones – just never “felt” clean.  This worked like a charm!!  Magic is right!  Thanks for posting this, Cheryl.

  • nani1

    This is truly a miracle. My husband leaves his work grime in the tub daily. I have used Kaboom, cleanser, bleach, shower scrub, lime away etc., and could never get the grime stains out of the textured base of the tub. On a whim, tried this and IT MADE MY TUB AND SHOWER LOOK NEW AGAIN!!! Even removed hard water scale off of fixtures.