(Still Available!) Living Social: 1-Year Sams Club Membership + FREE Food Vouchers just $45 ($85 Value!)



WOWsers!  This is still going! I thought I’d look and see if it was already gone but not yet!

Living Social is offering a one year advantage Membership to Sam’s Club for just $45 – included are several vouchers – FREE Rotisserie, A FREE Pizza, FREE Cookies, FREE Cake & FREE Strawberries. That’s 5 freebies – an $85 value.

I know not all of you think Sam’s is cost effective – but there are some things that you can pick up there that do run better in cost that the traditional store (trash bags are a great example!)

The offer us valid at any of the 14 Valley Locations – I wolud encourage you to read the fine print noted (new members only) – voucher must be activated AT Sam’s Club.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1160317272 Melissa Wiley

    Thanks for posting this.  I missed it last time.  With some bucks thing they have going I got it for $40.

  • Heather

    Thanks for posting- I was able to get one. I have never used Living Social before. They gave me some type of a referral code- I am not sure if you get anything from it- but if you want it- let me know.

    Congrats to Melissa- I did not see any “bucks deal” so I paid the $45

  • Coupon_Senorita

    i have been a sams member for years i share a business membership with my cousin and i love it especially the gas prices. and im happy now that they carry gold peak tea in the big 2 packs lol