Deal Chicken: $26.00 for ONE Ticket to the North Pole Experience in Greer, AZ (reg. $55)


Deal Chicken has a great offer today for a place we havent talked about much – The North Pole Experience in Greer, AZ.

For just $26.00 you can get a ticket for ages 18 mo. & up (regular price is $55) – you are saving 53%. 

The ticket is only valid on certain dates: Nov. 18, 27 and Dec. 1, 4, 8, 15, 18, 19, 26-27.   Folks this is a VERY limited opportunity – you must book online and I have a feeling this offer won’t last all day.


    I got mine. Thanks so much Sheryl. Me and my kids have been longing for an experience like this but it never fit th budget. This was great. Im so excited. Im surprising my little one til she gets up there. :)

  • Kathy A

    thank you for posting this! We have been waiting for some kind of deal so we could do this -this year!

  • stacy g

    So sad, I check your site everyday and I had to work night then day so I didn’t get to check and I have been wanting to take the kids, what a wonderful opportunity missed. I really appreciate your site and all your work!! Bummer

  • Summer

    I got tickets & I am SO excited! I just wanted to let other purchasers know that even though it specifies certain dates on the deal, I was able to book another day that was unspecified. Apparently they had a deal back in August on Deal Chicken so every available time slot has a “Deal Chicken” place available. Give it a shot on another day if you’d rather go then!

  • Summer

    P.S. Include the dashes in your coupon code number.