DIY: Using Kool Aid as a Dishwasher Cleaner

2Something that I always keep in my house are packets of lemon Kool-Aid. They’re relatively inexpensive – when in a pinch, and out of milk, my kids will drink it.

It also functions as a dishwasher cleaner. Now I don’t use my dishwasher at all – in fact, I despise using that thing because I feel like it does a lousy job… but that could very well be my dishwasher.

Lately, my dishwasher hasn’t worked anyways… it’s brand new, and I tried a load last week only to smell smoke.. I quickly shut it and haven’t opened it since.

Lemon Kool-Aid, on it’s own, works better than any other commercial dishwasher cleaner you’ll ever buy.

Pour it in the tray of the dishwasher and run an empty cycle.  A cheap packet of Kool Aid has citric acid ~ the citric acid cleans lime deposits & iron stains – in fact, it’s the only flavor that works (so don’t buy anything else, stick with lemon).

  • Jen in Tucson

    Neat! Good to know! I was wondering what the best way was to clean the dishwasher without having it smell like vinegar in my house. Thanks Sheryl! We will have to try this!

    • ann b

      if I’m not mistaken the vinegar should fade away as it dries. I know when the pet had an accident on the sofa, I oured vinegar on it ans it did away with the pet smell and no vinegar smell at all

  • Cherry McCarthy

    Will this help a funk smell too? Lately I’ve noticed my dishwasher is a little on the funky side.

    • sherylcuevas

      sure does

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  • Leah Medran Moretina

    You may want to clean out the drain basket too! I did mine a few weeks ago and haven’t smelled that smell since. Ps what you find in there isn’t pretty.

    • Cherry McCarthy

      There is a drain basket!? Yea, better go find that. Thanks!

  • Barbara Armola

    tang works also

    • Rob Perez

      Where did you find Tang?!

      • sherylcuevas

        ooh we got Tang at Fry’s just last month I remember, they had it for .99 – the big tub. Just like the Kool Aid tub. I have never tried Tang, we had it as kids, always been scared of it – not sure why.
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