TEN Alternative Uses for Mouthwash

Woman Holding Bottle Of Mouthwash

Chances are.. if you coupon, you have tons and tons of mouthwash. This week you can score Colgate for ONLY $.50 at Walgreens!

Believe it or not, mouthwash is one item that has several uses – from mopping to laundry. If you have any alcohol based, sugar free mouthwash around your home, here are 10 uses for putting those extra bottles to good use:

Glass Cleaner.  Apply to a damp cloth and wipe down your mirrors. You’ll nee d to dry with a dry cotton cloth.

Freshen your Laundry. Add one cup to a cycle of clothes (in the Rinse Cycle!) – it’ll eliminate the stinky smell. (I love doing this.. and I keep a bottle in the laundry room regularly for this!)

Treat your Dandruff.  Rinse your hair with 1/2 C. of Each Mouthwash an water after you shampoo.  It might take a few rinses

Floor Cleaner. You can use Mouthwash to Mop your Floors.. just add to Mop Water as you would anything else.

Toilet Cleaner. Pour a cup in your toilet bowl, let it sit 30 minutes an rinse.

Facial Cleanser.  Use a cotton ball dipped in mouthwash as astringent on your face – cheaper, an cleaner than buying brand name facial items.

Pet Pee.  Deter your pets from peeing .. fill a spray bottle with 1 C. Water and 3 Tablespoons of Clear Mouthwash and spritz on the area.

Clean your Hands. After peeling onions or garlic, use it to clean your hands – simply wipe your hands with a cotton ball moistened in mouthwash.

Athlete’s Foot. Soak your Cotton Ball and dabble  between the toes after your shower.

Garbage Disposal.  Pour 1/2 C. down the sink / Garbage Disposal and run the disposal to eliminate a nasty odor.

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