Simple Ways to Make your Own Baby Food with Inexpensive Organic Produce


The last few weeks have led to some great produce deals for us – earlier this week I posted the chance to score FREE Earthbound Farm Organic at Target – opportunities like this are a super way to make your own Organic Baby Food for your little ones.

Most of the baby food in the store is overpriced – that little jar can easily be made on your own for a whole lot less – not to mention you know what goes in it.

You can also use produce from your local Farmers Market to get Organic Squash, Apples, Sweet Potatoes, or even Carrots.

Use your Food Processor or Blender along with a small amount of liquid to blend – and ice cube trays work super for freezing in small batches; pop out, and put in a Hefty One Zip. Or you can go a step further and pick up the Sprout Baby Food Containers on Amazon that will allow you to take them with on travel, too.


Bake, boil or steam the vegetables until they are soft. Add as little liquid as possible… today I chose to boil the carrots and bake the sweet potato.


Peel & Pit the produce to remove seeds. Some fruits don’t require liquid, others may – be sparing.

If you do carrots like I did, I just chopped the ends off; I did not peel the carrots. For Sweet Potatoes, I wrapped mine in foil and tossed in the oven… when it was done, I let it cool and removed the peel.


If you are preparing meat … then remove the skin and trim all fat before cooking. Chop the meat up super small, and use your processor to blend it – you can add a bit of broth, or water to help the consistency.

Remember…when serving the food, you need to ensure that you serve it no warmer than body temp.  If using a microwave, make sure you stir it evenly before serving (and test it too) – as sometimes the microwave can create hot spots. 


Use ice cube trays to freeze in smaller portions; today I couldn’t find my trays so I used Snapware & Ziploc containers until I get to the store later to pick up a few trays. Today I made Carrots and Sweet Potatoes – this should last me quite a while.

When ready to feed your baby, dish out only what your child will need, as any extra saliva that remains in the food is open ground for bacteria.

You can even mix foods together, and if they are too runny you can always add a little rice cereal or oatmeal.

And if you need more encouragement you can pick up this book – How To Make Homemade Baby Food: Recipes For Naturally Healthy Babies (for Kindle).