Great Clips: Annual Back to School Haircut Sale $7.99, August 3-12


Those of you with kiddos who need to get hair chopped before school starts may wan to head over to Great Clips 3 – 12 August.

Reader Stephanie works over at Great Clips on 59th and Thunderbird and sent me this email:

Just a reminder that Great Clips starts their Annual Back to School Haircut sale, $7.99, August 3rd-12th.

If you get a chance to get over there – and if you live in the area of 59th and Thunderbird, let her know you’re a fellow Freaper too Smile

  • Em

    Is this special just at that location, or all GC locations?

    • Sheryl

      all of them

  • Janine

    Here in Tucson, this sale started last Friday, so if you need one today, you can get it!

    • Janine

      Also, no coupon necessary!

      • sitwat

        Hi, I ask with one of great clip representative but she said that coupon is required and i comes via mail

  • Sharon

    Is it only for kids?

    • Janine

      Nope, it’s for anyone! Adult son got his cut last Friday–sweet deal!

  • Julie

    SWEET!!! I was gonna get both of my girls hair cut today, looks like it will be tomorrow!

  • Amber

    Hey everyone just to let you know also…Empire Beauty School is having a Cat-a-thon on Saturday…FREE HAIRCUTS for kids going back to school…plus some school supplies also…I dont konw if it all of the Empire Schools but ours is on McDowell…99th and the 101. Great cause!

    • Sandy

      Thanks for the heads up Amber, I live right down the street from there!

      • Amber

        Awesome!!! I will be there shampooing!!!