Easy Homemade Bathroom Cleaner – Dawn + Vinegar

Those of you who are purchasing FREE Dawn this week at Fry’s – this is a GREAT idea for you – I know all of us have soap scum in our bathroom.

I came across this interesting tip on Pinterest after a reader commented on the blog on one of my last frugal living posts.

I just picked up Vinegar at my Fry’s for $2.00/jug – am going to do this tonight or tomorrow. The blue Dawn works best.

Let me know what you think – you just click the picture above to take you to the details.

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    Invite me please :) zinn@cybertrails.com

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    Invite me please too!  caitlinythomas@gmail.com

  • Anonymous

    I can NOT wait to try this.  I’m done with scrubbing, lol.  Do you know if it has to sit for a certain amount of time? I didn’t see that anywhere…  Thanks so much, Sheryl, you’re a bathroom saver, hehe.

    • Anonymous

      1/2 hour!

      • Anonymous

        Thank you so much, sorry if I missed that.  I think I got a little too excited! hehe

        • Anonymous

          oh lady i am so excited. I have to wait till kids go to bed but i’m doing it tonight!!

  • Terrie Rhoads

    I’m so trying this this weekend at my mom’s, she has tryed everything on her glass doors and can’t get the soap scum off. Thank you Sheryl.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laura-J-McDunn/1000293234 Laura J McDunn

    May I be invited too??  PLEASE??  :)  lmcdunn1@yahoo.com

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      got ya, check your email! and watch out….it’s addicting.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laura-J-McDunn/1000293234 Laura J McDunn

        thanks Sheryl!!

  • rjjanglen

    I tried this recently, and it REALLY WORKS! I didn’t even have the blue dawn :)

    • Anonymous

      i have to do it. My 2 yo makes the dirtiest bath tub, his little feet.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to try it too!  Invite me nrreyes89@cox.net

  • Wheat Gals

    I did this a few weeks ago and it worked well….until the hard water spots reappeared. It was disappointing, but at least the soap scum is gone so my glass is a little clearer.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to try this.  Invite me:  sherrielhamilton@yahoo.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christine-Robertson/100001032726095 Christine Robertson

    okay, you where right! I jumped on the computer this morning to take a peek at your sight as I normally do in the morning. I found this post and followed the link. Mind you this was at 8:00am it is now 1:36pm. Oh my, the wealth of info out there is mind boggling.   Thanks for all you do and all the great info! 

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    please invite me ashleysglasssliper@yahoo.com thank you!

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    Sheryl, please invite me. I would like the recipe on the bathroom cleaner please. I wouild so much appreciate it. mno1@q.com   Patti Osborne. Thank you so much! Hope your having a fantastic weekend!

    • Anonymous

      Sure will

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    Sheryl. I would love an invite to Pinterest.

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    I would love an invite!  Thanks!