Easy Do it Yourself Weed Killer with Dawn Dish Soap + Vinegar

images-30_thumbMany of you may have an overabundance of dish liquid … it might come in handy this week. I sprayed our yard for Weeds a few weeks ago and already they are cropping back up.

I always try to keep at least 2-3 Dawn Dish Soap – I use it for the Shower Cleaner I posted HERE, and for weed eater for the yard.

I wanted to remind you that not only can you fight soap scum in your bathroom with Vinegar, you can also use it to kill those weeds in your front yard.

Pick up Dawn for as low as $.49 at CVS  & Walgreens this week.. use that for homemade weed killer.

The large jug of Vinegar is $2.29 at Fry’s – if you can’t make it to Costco.


Homemade Weed Killer – using Dawn and Vinegar:

::: 1 Gal of White Vinegar + 1 C. Table Salt + 1 Tbsp of liquid Dawn Dish Soap
::: Mix in Watering Can…… Stir Well & Spray on the Weeds

You can also use the mixture without salt as well – works just as well. Or, if you have Pine Sol around your house, you can do this number:

::: Equal amounts of Dawn Dish Soap + Pine Sol = Mixed into a spray bottle.

The latter ( Pine Sol + Dawn ) actually serves a secondary purpose – it kills the weeds and any ant hills, fleas, & bugs that might be lurking in your yard – but as with anything commercial OR homemade – please make sure you keep your pets away.

As with anything homemade – I can’t give you feedback on what you should do if you have grass, or, with Pets. We don’t own Pets that hang out in our yard – and, while we do have Grass in the back yard, we primarily use our homemade weed solution only in the front yard – where we only have gravel and a few random desert plants.

Please see my disclosure policy.

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  • Stephanie Guccimomma

    Can’t wait to try it & I’ll have to follow-up & let you know what it does to our grass.
    (I’ll try it out in the backyard first ;) )

  • mimimontano@hotmail.com

    question, will this mix kill my plants is they get spray even if is just a little bit? thank you!