DIY: Vinegar and Dawn as a Magic Shower Cleaner Solution

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We all use tons of product in the shower – I know we have about 50,000 bottles in there right now. AND, soap scum, merely because no matter what you do, it’s inevitable. I can’t stand it……..but I have to clean it.


As much as I love cleaning products, I’m impartial to spending money (more than $.50-$1) on anything that still requires me to scrub. Not only that……… the smell/fumes are enough to make me sick. I’m all for a clean shower but I would rather use items that are “greener” – vinegar is that item.

We talk about using Vinegar for … laundry softener, for mopping, for boiling eggs, but you can use it to make a magic shower cleaner that works wonders in the bathroom. I found this on Pinterest last year, it is one of few few recipes I actually took the time to make.


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