DIY :: Easy Fleece No-Sew Tie Blankets


Just a few days ago, I posted the Black Friday ad for JoAnn Fabrics. I am not a Black Friday shopper, but I usually do try to take advantage of the sales at JoAnn as much as I can – with random coupons, and sales that go on in store. The picture above is some fleece I found in Wendy’s closet (the white colored one stuffed up there) – a project I started one day, and never finished.. we need to get it done this week when we have some down time.

My biggest purchase there is on Fleece ~ I use it to make Fleece No Sew Tie Blankets. They are probably my favorite project to work on – I love to Quilt as well but I don’t get as much time to do that.. fleece blankets are easier and something I can get the kids involved in.

I try to aim for Fleece that’s 50% off – since I use the blankets for Baby Shower gifts I like to get a variety of patterns.. then versatile solids to match. I’m sure many of you already know how to make a fleece tie blanket…but for those that don’t they are rather easy to do.

Buy several yards of fleece fabric – for a baby blanket I would suggest one yard of plain and one yard of a design. For a bigger blanket I would suggest 1 1/2 – 2 yards if not more. I usually buy the medium fleece. Depending on the blanket I’m making, I’ll usually do one side as a design & the other side a plain color that coordinates well. We have Fleece on our King bed – the last one I made required several yards to fit the entire span of the bed.

Buying fleece is usually cheaper in the summer.. in the winter the price tends to go up since it’s more chilly outside.



:: Place the squares over each other, wrong sides together.
:: Cut a 5″ square from each corner.
:: Cut fringe 1″ wide and 5″ deep on all sides. No special scissors is required – I just use a regular scissors.
:: Using a overhand knot, tie the front and back fringe together.
:: Do this all the way around the blanket being careful not to stretch the fabric.


In no time at all you’ll have a beautiful no-sew blanket that’s warm and attractive. Then, you can use any extra fleece to make a no-sew, hand-tied pillow to match!

Just cut a square of fabric that is 18″ plus 10″ square. Follow the same steps as the blanket, but to assemble, tie the three sides, and then slip the pillow inside. Tie the front and back fringe. Finish tying and you’re done.

It’s that easy! And if you have kids above the age of 5, you can ask them to help. My daughter helped make this Lakers one for Dave. .. of course I did the cutting, but she did the tying. I’m not a fan of the Lakers, but he is :)

  • Ashley Kesweder

    I love making these :) I made one for my mom last christmas, its never left the couch :)