Bacardi Rum Rebate Scenario (FREE After Coupons & Rebate)


Reader Jen went to Albies today to get in on the Bacardi Rebate Deal I posted yesterday – the rebate form mandates you must buy 2 of the items listed; she found a fab way to make it work and make her family happy.

Keep in mind – Albies has a ton of varieties, and there are cheaper scenarios – you just have to have an open mind and be creative.  Keep in mind also that to get the 30% off for liquor you have to buy “6” – and so she got 2 Bailey’s Gift Sets to “get to 6” for the 30% off.

Deal Idea:

1 Bacardi Spiced $14.99
1 Bacardi Gold $11.99
1 Bacardi Lemon $11.99
1 Dewars Scotch $22.99
2 Bailey Gift Set $15.99 – used those to get to “6”
= $93.94
Less $27.58 as 30% off (buying 6)
Less (2) $3/1 Bailey’s Hang Tags for gift sets (or use $2 coupons from the ad this week)
Less (2) $8/2  Hang Tags
= $42.36 | Send in for $30 rebate for the 3 Bacardi & 1 Sewars

For the CVS rebate form – Jen bought 3 Bacardi & 1 Sewars:
$61.96 towards rebate
= $27.38 after 30% off & coupons | Submit for $30 rebate
= $2.xx profit


Thanks Jen!

  • Becky S.

    I don’t think I would do this but HOLY COW what a great deal!! :)

  • Liz

    I went to my super market out here in CA and they have them on Sale for $9.99 but no coupons for them :( so I won’t be doing the deal!

  • Sharon

    Good deal if you drink alcohol. I don’t, so won’t be doing it.

  • Nicola

    I can’t find the bacardi hang tags in Casa Grande :(
    Has anyone in my area found them?

  • Liz

    Is there a different rebate for Albertson’s? Where can I find that rebate? So we can send in 2 different rebates?
    Sorry too many questions!

    • Sheryl

      No, same rebate. you can buy the alcohol anywhere.

  • Kaylan

    Has anyone found the $8/2 hangtags in Tucson? I haven’t had any luck!

    • BC

      I haven’t found them in Tucson at Fry’s. Where else have you looked?

    • Sharon P

      I have not found them yet. If I do I’ll post. I wonder if the rep has come through our area with the hang tags yet. I would keep checking.

  • amanda

    My walgreens had the hang tags in chandler… hope that helps

  • Julie

    Anybody found the hang tags in Buckeye? I would love to do this deal!