Win your Shopping List with Fry’s Instant Win Game (thru 1/15)

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This is your daily reminder — Head over and enter to win your shopping list with a new Fry’s Instant Win Game that started for the Mega.

Carina actually won … and score all of this FREE  – pictured above. What a great way to get back in the coupon groove!

I actually won $50, woohoo!!! I matched up my coupons with close out and clearance items and got all of this for free!!! Couldn’t have been better timing….I was financially wiped out from Christmas and was having major couponing withdrawals!

You can enter daily to win $50 – towards your next trip. Get started here, and pick 5 items, submit to see if you are a winner.  Play daily through January 15th – you’ll have to let me know if you win!

thanks, Carina!

Reader Share | Sandra’s Weekly Shopping Trips


This is a great trip picture from Sandra today – this encompasses Fry’s, I also see CVS, Walgreens (and perhaps even Walmart in there!)

I’m fairly certain her total was under $30 for all of this – you may be able to recognize some of the deals from the matchups – what a great job!

(Thanks, Sandra!)

Reader Share | Annemarie Shops Fry’s (Saves over 77%!)


I love trip pictures! And last night I got several! Here’s Annemaria’s trip to Fry’s, she did great!

wanted to share my Mega trip with you so that others may be motivated. It’s not the best mega sale but it’s okay.

I went to 1 Frys  – I did 6 Transactions total at 1 Frys

Total Spent $48.69

Total Saved $130.03 (77% savings not counting the catalinas)

Total Catalinas $21.00 (5 $4 J&J catalinas and 1 $1 Knorr Catalina)

9 SB toilet gels, 7 SB bathroom cleaners, 5 Fantastik Cleaners, 4 Pledge, 1 Windex, 2 Snyder Pretzel, 4 Knorr Rice Sides, 6 American Beauty Pasta, 1 Sara Lee Sub bread, 4 lunchables, 1 can olives, 1 pkg ranch dressing, 2- 1/4 lb each chicken lunchmeat, tomatoes, celery and 3 Peter Pan PB. 

WOW – factor in catalinas and she spent just $27!  That’s an amazing job!

(Thanks, Annemaria!)

Reader Share | Kristina’s CVS Shopping Trip

I love it when you can share your shopping trip with us – and today, Kristina shared her shopping trip in hopes it will inspire you to shop at CVS this week.  It was her second time in several weeks, shopping at CVS.

She did an amazing job!  This is what she said:

I had not been shopping at CVS for awhile and went two weekends ago and was left with $10 ECBS. Thanks to Sheryl sharing the upcoming previews, I knew I wanted to use that $10 for this weekend so I could get some paper towels and All Detergent.

The picture above is for 7 boxes of Kleenex, 2 Scott 6pks Paper Towels, 3 All and 1 Wisk Laundry Detergent, 2 Alcohol Prep Swabs (FREE with CVS coupon!), 1 Infusium Shampoo and 1 Conditioner, 1 Pert Plus, 2 Softsoap Body Washes, 4 Mitchum and 2 Speed Stick Deodorants, and 2 100ct Alcohol Wipe boxes. Not pictured is 2 packs of Stride Gum.

I started my trip with $10 ECBs, a total of 4 transactions, paid $29.78, saved $100.73, and walked away with another $10 ECBs for next trip.

You can see some of her deals in the CVS Matchups this week should you want to give this a try too!

(Thanks, Kristina!)

Reader Share | Joshua’s Staples, and Fry’s Shopping Trips


WOW – I got some super pictures from Joshua today- not only do him and his wife have 4 kiddos to take care of, they are doing a great job with finding great deals!  He wanted to share his trip.. hopefully you’ll agree that he did a super job!

The picture above: 1 Franks red hot, 2 boxes of Capri-sun, 16 Reach, 4 Snickers bars, (and from Staples) 1 ream of paper and 1 60 count 4×6 photo paper.   Regular price- $76.70… Price I paid- $16.82 after tax and rebates for the Staples products but got $12 in catalinas


The trip immediately above:  2lbs of 93/7 hamburger, 5lb bag of gold potatoes, 2 boxes of curry cubes, 2 boxes of brownies, 2 boxes of Capri-sun, 1 large bottle of Frank’s Red hot Kickin’ BBQ, small cup of Watermelon and 8 4-packs of toilet paper (all 8 were free)  —the Regular price was $51.77, and price paid-$14.13 after the reach floss catalinas.

Not bad considering the meat, potatoes, curry and watermelon didn’t have any coupons or good sale prices.

I think he did an amazing job – especially given he has produce, and meat in the order as well!

(Thanks for sharing, Joshua!)

Reader Shopping Trip | Candace Shops Kroger–Spend $7.82


WOW – earlier today I asked if you guys had trip pictures, and I got this awesome trip pic from Candace – she’s in Dallas Forth Worth area ;) 

She first started couponing with us back when she lived in Phoenix, and now she is in DFW – where Kroger just does face value (no doubles!) She did amazing!

When I started with you my husband and I lived in Phoenix and I was spoiled with Fry’s. We just moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in January and it’s been a bit of a culture shock for my attempts to save money grocery shopping.

The Kroger market here doesn’t double coupons. At all. I’ve had to expand my shopping to include Albertson’s, and probably eventually Tom Thumb (Safeway). Anyways, I managed to score a decent trip to Kroger today, so I wanted to share my trip picture.

I got everything pictured for $7.82 total. The cookie mixes were on clearance for $1.09 and I used a 75¢/2 q. The pineapple was on sale for $1.00 and I had a $1.00 catalina from a previous purchase. The other 5 items were part of the Buy 5, Save $5 Mega. The Tyson was $3.49 with 75¢/1 q. The Aveeno was $1.99 with $3.00/2 q. The Crystal Light was $2.99 with $1.50/1 catalina q. And the bologna was $1.18.

Not my best trip ever, but not bad for my favorite shave gel, fresh fruit, and a few groceries. :)

I think she did super!  I can’t imagine living without doubles… adjusting to that would be a culture shock!  Thanks, Candace for sharing your trip!

Reader Share | CVS: Just $.61 Spent (+ $4 ECB Earned!)

What an unbelievable trip to CVS!  I just got this email from a reader, who just got back from a very successful trip into CVS – to pick up the great deals we have posted over the last few days!

“Thank you so much for posting good deals I paid $0.61 (that includes tax) on all items pictured.”

You can see the CVS Deals posted HERE – from FREE Nature Made, to FREE Speed Stick – this is a great trip!

The reader did not leave their name, but thanks for sharing!

Reader Share: Terrie Shops Target ($6.24 Moneymaker!)


Terrie shared this with me via email in hopes she could inspire some of you to give Target a try this week! This is her Target picture from today’s trip – she did great!

Total before coupons $45.14

Total after coupons: $13.76  Plus I got 4 $5.00 gift cards so a $6.24 MM

You can see her deals in the weekly Target Matchups – $.30 Glade…… almost free Renuzit and FREE Aveeno!

Thanks, Terrie!

Reader Share: Vicki Shops CVS


Curious to know how many of you shopped this week at CVS ~ Vicki went this morning and followed my Scenario HERE (the one posted last night) – and did great!

She spent just over $8.00 and earned back $16.49 in ECB’s – looks like she got quite a lot of stocking stuffers!

Thanks Vicki for sharing!

Reader Share: Jenny Shops Fry’s (Saves 75%, Buys 172 Items!)



Jenny did some shopping! I got this picture yesterday from Jenny, she’s just outside the Metro area of Phoenix.

The Breakdown:

  • Retail price =$459.99
  • Total out of pocket=$115.32
  • 75% savings
  • 172 items total
  • Plus $10.00 in OYNO

Super job!  I can identify everything in that picture – if you can’t, you can head over to the Fry’s Matchups to see what coupons she used in case you would like to replicate her savings!

Thanks, Jenny!

Reader Share: Josh Shops ~ Spends $15.96, Saves $114!


I got another Mega trip from Josh tonight – as I’m working on the matchups he put together his run to show us how he did :)

He said:  Hey Sheryl, saw a Fry’s trip post and thought I’d share my own, had a $5/50 Fry’s mailer and a free Coke 12 pack coupon, you can probably guess the rest.


This is what he scored:

12 boxes of cereal (Mom’s Best)
9 cans of diced tomatoes (6 Del Monte, 3 Muir Glen)
9 cans of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup
4 cans of Carnation evaporated milk
4 boxes of Ronzoni whole grain thin spaghetti
4 boxes of Stove Top stuffing
4 cans of shave gel (2 Edge, 2 Skintimate)
4 Reach toothbrushes
3 bags Quakes
1 diet coke 12-pack
(54 items)= $15.96 OOP, saved $114.74 off regular retail
plus a $4 off ONYO from the toothbrushes

Yeowzers! LOVE IT! I think I’m going to his house for more Mom’s Best! :)  Thanks Josh!

Reader Share: Ashley Shops Fry’s (Her Best Trip Yet!)


I have several trip pictures from the last few days – many of you have been to Fry’s at least a few times over :)

Ashley sent in her picture – through her collage program for her mobile. Many of the things she got are in the Fry’s Matchups ~ she had an extra $1.50/2 Sara Lee bread coupon, and purchased a few extra items on top of her Mega list, and she did outstanding! I love looking at trip pictures – it helps me with my own trip and is a reminder in case I forgot to put things in the matchups for you guys :)

Ashley said: Today was a good day for me! Best trip yet! I can send you pics of my purchases if you want! My Fry’s had everything in stock which NEVER happens and I got my VIP coupons in the mail yesterday for an even bigger discount!

I tried to use Instagram collage. I got a $1.50 off 2 Sara Lee bread, one for herbal essences, and a few little ones for store brand. Let me know if you just want me to send the pics through separate. Tried to zoom in

If you haven’t checked your email, suggest looking in there for a recent email from Fry’s – I got mine late last night; the email holds 1-2 freebies, and several coupons for miscellaneous items based on your shopping habits (as tracked by your Fry’s card).

Thanks, Ashley!

Reader Comparison Shop: Coupon vs. Non-Coupon Trip


This is a very interesting picture – and email that I received. What a score!

September let me know she did a “comparison” shop – both her, and her husband did separate transactions. You will love to read this:

This picture of my trip tonight really puts couponing paired with sales vs. non couponing into perspective.

I spent $6.04 oop total. My husband HAD to have chicken noodle soup. Those 4 cans of soup cost the same amount ($3.00) that ALL the other stuff did combined!

Priceless! Love the idea – and picture, and thanks for sharing, September!

Reader Share: Stephanie Shops Fry’s (Saves 65% Combined!)


I got this fun trip pic from Stephanie today – she did super!  Even more, she made Po Boys tonight……… I’m a bit jealous of that right there :)  She said:

Just wanted to share my trip to Frys. The picture shows my trip. It is a lot to break down but total I spent $61.77.

I know its not as great as some but there are things we got that were not on sale. We got a bag of catfish nuggets ($7.99) , pomegranates (2@ $1.99 each), french rolls ($2.99).

We are making Po Boys for dinner so not on the coupon list. <<(YUM!)>> Also grapes are in there. But everything else was. I did one transaction with 4 sets of buy 5 get $5. So I had $20 towards the 2nd transaction.

On the first trip I saved 75% and on on the other trip 51%.

So total i believe I got close to $200 worth of groceries for $61.77. I thought others might like to see that you may not always get it down to less than $5 out if pocket but you can still get a whole lot for a small price! Its hard to see but the cereal is on Bounty paper towels.

Stephanie did exactly what I did today – I had to get more than just General Mills items :)  It’s always important to get the things you need as well – and any savings is always great savings!

Thanks for sharing, Stephanie!

Reader Share: Lynn Shops Fry’s (ONLY Pays Tax!)


I got another picture from a reader today who went shopping. WooHoo for great deals! Lynn shopped at her SE Valley Fry’s and

She got $58 in items before coupons – after coupons? Just tax!

1 Angel Soft
10 Bags Chex MIx
12 Reach Floss
3 French’s Fried Onions
6 BC Potatoes
9 Hamburger Helper

She used her Reach Floss catalinas (which were a moneymaker) to pay for the food;, she had coupons for all of the food, and actually rolled the $5 catalinas and paid ONLY tax!   What a great trip!

Thanks, Lynn!