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5 Steps to Creating an Effective Meal Plan

Effective Meal Planning

Do you use a meal plan? Meal planning has helped us save an incredible amount over the last year. We never always planned what we were eating – and we don’t use our meal plan daily, but we DO use it several times a week. We are fortunate enough to spend our dinner with our […]

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What is a Catalina & How do they Work?

receipt paper a description of purchases on a white background and copy space

We have had quite a few emails this past week asking what Catalinas are.. and how they work. Even more, a few of you have commented that you haven’t gotten a catalina you expected at register.  Hopefully this will help you with those questions. Catalina Category Marketing (CCM) rewards purchases of promoted products with catalinas.  They will […]

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Sales Cycles | What to Buy in January

Fruit salad and strawberry with measure tape, closeup

  We’re approaching January, and we’ve passed the holiday baking season – now we’re moving into the New Year and NEW Fitness Resolutions. Many of you will have your own Resolutions (whether it be fitness goals or other) – you’ll see a trend at the grocery store & retail stores that focuses on Home Storage, […]

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How to Save Money on Meat Purchases | 8 Tips to Reduce your Expenses


For a good majority of families, meat is the most expensive purchase in a household grocery budget…… I know I have some readers who are Vegetarian – but I would suspect that the majority of you incorporate quite a bit of meat into your weekly grocery purchases. For most of you, meat is costly – […]


Supporting the Military Through Expired Coupons


Those of you who are new to my site may be curious as to what you should do with any coupons that you might not be able to use, that expire – and the great news is that we can use them to support the troops. For military families who relocate overseas to various locations…the […]


Build & Sync your Shopping List with the Favado App

Favado Feature | Sync your Shopping List Between your Computer & Mobile Device - The CentsAble Shoppin

Over the last few months many of you have heard me mention the Favado App – many of you are using it (I am too!) and find it a helpful way to find out what’s on sale, best prices, set up sales alerts & even make your shopping list on your mobile device. Now you […]

What to Buy in October

What to Buy in Oct.

We’re in October – hooray for weather that’s a little cooler, and a new opportunity to stock up on things that are in season for this month. This month you can look for deals on everything Halloween related, and with the Christmas holiday around the corner, start looking for sales on baking products. You’ll also […]

Coupon Basics | How to Organize your Coupons

How to Organize your Coupons

Whether you have been couponing for years or you are just getting started knowing how to organize your coupons is a must. If your coupons are unorganized you chance missing out on free or deeply discounted products and we sure don’t want to do that! There are many different ways to organize your coupons that […]

Understanding Coupon Verbage | Redeem At vs. Redeem Only

Online shopping concept

I have scored several emails this week regarding coupons that hold the logo for other retailers … can you use them at Fry’s? At Safeway? How do they work?  And more….. which means many many more may have the same question. Many of you over the past few weeks have asked for some clarification on […]

Requesting a Rain Check | 4 Simple Steps

How to Request a Rain Check

Many of you head to CVS on a Sunday morning and find the shelves wiped out…… I too seem to have that problem  – lately it has been incredibly bad.. there are so many in my area who coupon. A rain check is a slip of paper from the store that will permit you to […]

Blog Feature | Search for Sale Items


Just a reminder – You may have noticed another improvement to the blog; if you refer to the right side of the blog you will see a search box at top of the weekly grocery deals. Search for a Deal Search the Site Search for a Deal searches for a specific item on sale this […]

How to Save Money Without Using Coupons

Help Calculator Shows Borrow Savings And Budgeting

I posted this a few months ago – but we have so many new readers that I wanted to make sure we posted it again so that those who are new to the site can read this great article too. Whether you are new to coupons, or you have been couponing for some time, at […]

How to Print Coupons from your Mobile Device

Hand holding mobile smart phone

Over the last several days many of you have asked how to print coupons from your mobile device. Having an iPad, iPod, or Android can be a tremendous asset, when it comes to printing coupons. But – it takes a number of steps & requirements to be able to print from these devices. While nothing […]