Disclosure Policy

I’m running a blog (or, shall we say website) called “Cents’Able Shoppin”.  My priority is to provide you with money-saving deals on things that will help you keep more cash in your pocket.  In doing so, I spend a great majority of my day – not only researching deals, but also validating deals – sometimes in excess of 15-16 hours a day.

I do enjoy what I do, but it does entail quite a bit of time away from the 4 beautiful kiddos I have.  In running this site, there are two ways to compensate the owner/writer of the site (who is me!):

1. To charge you a monthly fee


2.  To use advertising

The second option, advertising, allows YOU, the reader, to access the information for free.  I know you are trying very hard to save your family money, and because I do not want to charge for this site, I have chosen the second option.

In doing so, I have had to place a small amount of advertising on this site – some of it will be more obvious, and some – not so obvious – as it’ll be embedded in the post text.  This disclosure policy is my effort in letting you know that some of the deals I bring to you will entail me receiving a small amount of compensation.

The revenue from this site covers the costs that I have to upkeep the site:  the coupon database, hosting fees, the storage space for media – so on and so forth.  Most of all, it compensates me for the time I spend away from my family trying to bring you the best deals out there.

With that being said,  I try very hard to bring you legitimate deals that will bring the most savings to your budget. I will rarely post online deals, and I will never post anything that I personally would not buy myself.


This disclosure policy was last updated on January 1, 2014