Yellow Tail Wine: 12 Bottles FREE (After Tax + Rebate!)


The CVS insert for this week (12/11 – 12/18) has an offer for a $36 rebate on Yellow Tail Wine. Some of you may find hangtags at your local store……Albertsons has them in some locations.  (Thanks Oscar for the pic!)  Keep in mind that hang tags will vary by store – even without hang tags it’s a great deal for the wine drinker. 

This is the scenario that reader Alyssa did earlier today at Albertsons:

12 bottles of Yellow Tail $4.99 ea = $59.88
Less 30% off sale ($18) New total = $41.88
Less (12) $1/1 hang tags = $29.88 + $3.79 tax = $33.67
Submit mail in rebate for $36 on CVS ad for 12/11 – 12/18

= $2.33 Profit!

Then, reader Erica did this deal to get Grey Goose Vodka:

Grey Goose $23.99
Buy 6 Wine/Liquor $16.79 ea.
= $11.79 ea.

Add on a $5/1 you can print HERE!

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Thanks Alyssa, Erica, Oscar & Jen!

  • Oscar

    And dont forget the Grey Goose also counts for the Bacardi rebate!! Look for the gift sets for the same price you get the vodka and a shaker.

  • Nikki

    I bought 12 abd my oop was 30 not sure how but it was ?!?!

  • Nikki

    Never mind I’m a retard 30 then tax ;)

  • mishiru

    why is the yellow tail 30% off? their wine promo is 10% off every 6 bottles

    • Oscar

      The special this week is 30% wyb 6 making great prices on a bunch of different choices!! Stock up now!!!

    • Heather

      It’s actually 30% off 6 or more… or at least it was when I was there tonight

  • TLB

    I just picked up 12 bottles! Many thanks. :)

  • Donna Richard

    Do you know what states this is valid in? Thanks

  • erica

    Do you know if the rebate in the CVS ad for Bacardi requires all bottles to be on the same receipt?

  • Heidi

    Whats with the $5/1 Gray Goose coupon above? can That stack?

    • Heidi

      Nevermind, I figured it out all by myself! lol

  • jenni

    I just went to CVS and the bottles were only 10% off when they rang up, not 30% and I had 12 of them! They were saying this was last weeks special….ugh, so bummed.

    • Andrea

      Jenny I think they are 30% off at Albertson’s not CVS. You purchase them at Albies then use the rebate from the CVS ad.

      • jenni

        oooh ok! Thanks for the info, I will head over to Albies today then and see if it works there :) SWEET!!

  • Amanda Hayden

    I am so grateful for this blog and all the great deals posted. I’m preparing for my wedding (on a teacher’s salary). Now I don’t have to worry about the expense of the wine. Thank you!!

  • Lynn

    for those of you in Tucson, the Albies on La Cholla and Ina did not have any hang tags. The guy there said they used to have a ton, but he couldn’t find any in back and not a single bottle had them on the floor.

  • Letty

    Sooo sweet! Thanks my sweet Shery ( N Erica)l! I got my 12 bottles of wine and my grey goose for dirt cheap! LOVE this deal :)

  • Jen

    Thanks so much for the heads up! My husband and I went to Albertsons today and did two transactions. One for the wine (hooray for hang tags!) with a $3 overage after MIR and one for the liquor, which will only end up costing $8 after the MIR (we snuck in an extra two bottles so no overage). I couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Heather

    We to Albertsons again to get some more of the grey goose and the bacardi – they actually told us then that they won’t take the Grey Goose $5/1 q because they can’t get their money back on it. Came from a couple managers, since I needed help splitting my trans while still getting the 30% off discount. Just FYI – may not be all Albertsons – this was 51st and Cactus

    • mjz

      Did they split the transactions and still give you the 30% discount? I need to do the same thing

  • Lyn Freaper

    Oh boy—leave some for me, I won’t be doing this deal until Friday 12/23 (Albie’s ad 30% wyb 6 is good until the 24th).

  • jenni

    So I would like to go do this deal but I don’t have that ad….does anyone have the info or know where I can find it???

  • mjz

    Does anyone have the ad from cvs? I think mine got thrown out and now I don’t have the rebate to send in.

  • Shannie

    If anyone has the rebate form…can I have it? I bought this wine a week ago and am seeing NOW that there was a rebate for it…