What’s on Sale in April

 Organic Cucumbers Being Sold In A Market

We are just a day shy of April… and you might be curious to know what you should think about picking up in store, what you can look forward to on sale, so you can plan accordingly on moving some things around in your stockpile or pantry to make room.

This year, Easter falls in April – you can look for holiday sales on Eggs, Ham, Asparagus, and other Easter Dinner related items.

We have Earth Day this month as well, with offers on Organic Foods, and Environmentally Friendly products.    You’ll find sales related to the following Easter-related items:

  • Eggs
  • Ham
  • Asparagus
  • Butter
  • Coconut
  • Horseradish
  • Some Jewish/Passover items not found during other months

Earth Day promos-

  • Organic foods
  • Organic/environmentally conscious products
  • Energy savers
  • Go Organic for Earth Day! Coupon booklet
  • Coupon inserts for environmental causes

Look for these Daylight Savings related deals:

  • Batteries
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide monitors

Look for clearance on Olive Oil – April starts the new season so you might find items on their way out to bring in new.

Here’s a tip – Star Fine Foods has always been a generous company in sending out product coupons – try writing to them to request – they have sent me several high value $5 coupons and you might get lucky too!


  • April Fool’s Day
  • Earth Day
  • Arbor Day

Other Promotions this month:

  • National Garden Week
  • Medication Safety Week
  • Income Tax (various promotions)
  • Secretary’s/Administrative Professional’s Week
  • National Soyfoods Month
  • National Window Safety Week