Wal Mart: 4 lb. Bag Sugar just 20¢?!


Funny Friday – begins today.

Every Friday I’ll post a funny picture that relates to our couponing and deal-seeking adventures. I was in Wal Mart this morning and found this absolutely hilarious. The shelf said $2.87 but the tag said 20¢ – I can sure drink me a lot of sweet tea on the Freap for two dimes Winking smile

I didn’t try to purchase, as I have had no debit card for 3 weeks – and my “cash budget” for 3 weeks has been appropriated, so I’m cash-less until my bank remembers to send me my card…I do have to wonder if they would have honored their mistake!

  • Brea

    Haha oh I love this. :]

  • Anonymous

    They do honor the mistakes as long as there are a few left on the shelf. I make sure to pay attention to prices when checking out because they are always putting things inthe wring spot! Makes for some great deals when they mess up! :)

  • Kristen

    I typically DO NOT buy out a shelf of stuff cause I do not like to be greedy but this would have been an exception we go thru sweet tea on a daily basis, not a little but I typically make 2 x 4qt stew pots of boiled tea every single day……gotta love some sweet tea and this would have been my FREAP day for sure!! LOL

  • Nora

    They don’t always honor their mistakes. I they said they honor the price sticker or the shelf sticker, but not the removable signs because anyone can change them.