Viggle: Earn 1,000 FREE Points (+ Redeem for Gift Cards + More)

If you are a Viggle user, you can score 1,000 FREE Points by watching the video above and “checking in” on your device.

Viggle is an app you can find in the app store for your iPhone, or iPad – and you can earn points watching TV (& doing other activities as well!)  If you are not using Viggle, you can sign up HERE.

You can also earn bonus points by answering trivia during a show… or watching trailers & ads – sharing your check-ins on Facebook or participating in Viggle Live.

What Viggle allows you to do is watch your regular Television at home, and have your device (iPad, iPhone) with you so that it can “listen” – or, check in, to your Television show. Each day, Viggle gives different point amounts of checking into various shows.

If you have Viggle currently, you can play the video above, and while it’s playing, “Check In” using your device after you log into Viggle.

You’ll earn 1,000 points for watching this quick video and use that to work your way closer to Starbucks Gift Cards, and more.

Thanks, Amber!

  • ashley lard

    I’m new to viggle so i really have no idea what i’m doing but when i watch this video and check in on my mobile, the viggle ap identifies the correct commercial but I dont receive any points for this. Is there something else that I’m suppose to do?

  • Maria Villafana

    Omggggg thank you for sharing!!!!

    • sherylcuevas

      u started me on viggle :D

  • Doonie Smith

    How do I watch the video and check in at the same time

  • Alberto Nazario

    hi i did an up date on my phone and lost all my points had to start all over tha last account name is bigalpimping@gmal and now the new account is nazarioalberto@yahoo. can i get my other points back please help me out here

  • Glenna Guthrie

    tried, but it didn’t work. I like being able to get points by doing nothing but watch tv, which I do a lot (lol) but it’s getting soooooo hard to check in, that I’m ready to quit and I just signed up a few months ago.