Sweepstakes Round Up | Win a Soccer Ball, FREE English Muffins, Colgate + More

Here is your daily reminder to play to win – they are all sorted by end date, you can’t win if you don’t give it a try!

Renuzit Cone
Enter daily through 4/18 to win any of 1,000 Products = FREE.

Colgate Optic White Prize Pack
Play daily through 4/19 for any of 700 FREE Price Packs or Gift Cards.

Hills Science Diet Crunchy Creations
Play daily through 4/19 for any of 5,000 FREE Prize Packs!

Basket of Prizes IWG
Play daily through 4/20 for any of 530 FREE American Express Gift Cards.

Lands End IWG
Play daily through 4/20 for any 1 of 126 prizes – including FREE Gift Cards.

Snyder’s of Hanover National Pretzel Day Sweeps
Play daily through 4/20 for your chance at 1 of 60 FREE Prize Packs valued at $55.

Liquid Plumr Clog Culprits IWG
Play daily through 4/21 for any of 129 $25 Gift Cards.

Gorton’s Real Solutions
Play daily through 4/21 for any of 490 FREE Product Coupons.

Snack Pack IWG
Play daily through 4/30 for 1 of 2,000 $25 Gift Cards.

Mars Chocolate IWG
Play daily thru 4/27 for any of 80,640 FREE Product Coupons.

Powerade Basketball IWG
Play daily through 4/27 for any of 57 FREE Nike Fuelbands. You can enter 5 times daily.

STP 0 to 60 Pretty Mustang IWG
Play daily through 4/28 for any of 210 Shirts, Hats & More.

Bigelow Tea Sweeps
Play daily through 4/30 for any one of over 150 prizes – FREE Tea, a FREE Gift Card to Walmart + More.

Pantene “Your Opinion Is Beautiful” IWG
Play daily through 4/30 for any of 400 Products – you can enter 5x daily!

Coke Zero Everything Instant Win Game
Enter daily through 4/30 for any one of over 700 prizes.

Snack Pack $25 Visa IWG
Play daily through 4/30 for any of 2,000 $25 Gift Cards.

Post Foods Instant Win
Enter daily through 4/30 with code 79GH39A2P for your chance at 1 of 1,000 prizes to include FREE water bottles, workout clothing + more.

Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP Giveaway
Enter daily through 5/1 to win 1 of over 5,000 FREE Prizes!

Barilla Discover Spring
Play daily through 5/4 for any of 2,145 Products – including FREE Aprons.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Track IWG
Play daily through 5/6 for any of 2,500 Prize Packs – use code TRACKJ1791.

Thomas English Muffins
Enter daily through 5/11 to win FREE Thomas English Muffins, Bagels & more.

Coca Cola Soccer Ball
Enter daily for your chance at winning 1 of 2,000 Coca Cola Soccer Balls… through 5/12.

Scotties Like No Other Mom IWG
Play daily through 5/12 for any of 100 Prize Packs.

Coca Cola & ICEE Soccer IWG
Play daily through 5/15 for any of 3,600 Prizes: Cups, Shirts, and much more.

Morton Salt Girl 100th Birthday IWG
Enter daily through 5/24 for 1 of 138 Random Prizes.

Twisted Tea Koozie Sweeps
Play daily through 5/31 for a FREE Twisted Tea Koozie!

Popcorn Indiana IWG
Play daily through 6/30 for any of 975 cases of popcorn – use code WW45479A.

Valero Rumble IWG
Play daily through 7/15 for 1 of 1,000 FREE Gift Cards for GAS and 1 Grand Prize – a Chevy Camaro!

Glad 100 Ways to Get Glad IWG
Play daily through 7/3 for any of 8,500 Coupons OR Gift Cards.

Skinny Cow Girl’s Gone Glamping IWG
Play daily through 8/4 for any of 4,650 FREE Product Coupons.

Nabisco Snack & Go
Play daily through 9/30 for your shot at 1 of over 100 Prizes – including a Nascar themed bag of goodies.

Green Mountain Coffee Sampler
Play daily for any 1 of over 622 FREE Prizes – a Keurig Green Mountain Sampler or a FREE Brewer – through 9/26.

Lay’s Do Us a Flavor
Enter daily through 10/18 for 1 of 50,000 Finalist Prizes: $50 in the form of a check

Thanks Hunt 4 Freebies, Sweeties Sweeps

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  • Roci_R

    TY!! Just won a bag of Science Diet Adult Grain Free cat food! I think I’m turning into a sweepstakes junkie.

    • sherylcuevas


  • Macey Schmoo

    I just won a $75.00 gas gift card from Hershey’s!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    Just win a fifty dollar frys gift card! I’ve now won all the games once and the get out and grill twice! Thank you for posting these!

  • Terrie Rhoads

    I got this email today!
    Thanks for entering for a chance to win FREE MILK BY THE MINUTE. You’re a lucky winner!

    • ArizonaMimi

      Woohoooo Terrie!!! Glad to hear somebody has won. I’m not giving up though… I feel a win coming…….. hehe (how are ya, btw?)

    • Terrie Rhoads

      I’m good, How are you? I won twice already, fingers crossed for you. Hope your playing the lunchables one to, all four of my boys won Nerf Supersoakers.

  • Jadedlily

    I won the great organic giveaway from Kashi. I got a big box with 6 full size boxes of cereal, a reusable bag, and a coupon for $1/1 any Kashi product. So thank you for posting the giveaways, I would have never entered on my own, but now it’s my nightly ritual to enter everything after the kids go to bed.

    • Autumn Nissen

      I received the same gift!!! Loved all the cereal!

  • Kirlie

    I just won a skinny cow frozen treat, a snickers bar, and a $5 amazon gift card. Thanks for posting these. :-)

  • Kathryn McGrath

    Today I won a snickers bar, a can of cat food, a free box of skinny cow candy and a free box of skinny cow frozen treats. I have done these 3 days in a row and I have won at least one thing every day!

    • sherylcuevas

      Yay! :) Keep playing.. and you might win even MORE tomorrow!

  • fooepi

    I won a buy one get one free milk coupon a while back. Thanks Sheryl for the sweepstakes links.

  • fooepi

    The Hot Wheels code is not working.