Starbucks Grocery Challenge (Earn FREE Coffee, Food Items or a $10 Gift Card for Purchasing Specially Marked Packages)

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Here’s a great deal coming up this weekend – starting 9/8 and running through 10/19 you’ll have an incentive for purchasing Starbucks.

Get a $10 Starbucks Card eGift when you buy four bags of specially marked Starbucks coffee and enter the Star codes online from 9/8/13-10-19/13. Even better? With each of the first three Star codes entered, you’ll get a sweet surprise reward.

Purchase Starbucks coffee at your local participating grocery store – select packages have a peelie on them with a “Star Code” – enter that code for the challenge. 4th code = a $10 Starbucks eGift

1st code entered – Bonus Star
2nd code entered – FREE tall brewed coffee
3rd code entered – FREE food item
4th code entered – $10 Starbucks card eGift

Safeway has a great deal coming up on the bags starting Sunday (see my post HERE), and Walgreens has a super price as well – though I’m not sure if Walgreens has the specially marked packages.

  • Jessica Carter

    So between this deal and the previous posts, if you buy 4 bags you can get up to $20 in Gift cards? Or I am reading it wrong?

  • Jenn Pfeifer Meyer

    FYI – redeeming the grocery star codes is NOT working. I entered 4 and got four stars. No tall coffee, no breakfast item and no $10 e -card. The info IS ON THEIR WEBSITE. I am on the phone with Starbucks customer service as we speak and they know nothing about the promotion!! SO frustrating. On hold…..

  • Jenn Pfeifer Meyer

    Ha- what a joke. They finally found the promotion, said that I might have to wait until the promotion ends (10/19) to get my rewards or maybe up to a week from now… clearly the customer service department is unaware of the promotion and they have no idea how to help. Maybe they will figure it out as time goes on – it is just the second day of the promotion.

    • Diane

      I had the same issue – I wrote them an email and haven’t heard back – in the newspaper ad it says that it can take up to two weeks and the bonuses will be sent to your email