Save Money by Reusing Wood Pallets for Raised Garden Beds


It’s just the perfect time of the year to start planting if you have a garden in mind.

I’m picking up plants this weekend.. we have plans to put together some basics in the backyard so we can try to save a little more on produce.  Over the last few weeks my good friend Heather has been working on her backyard garden – and shared some inspiration (and tips!) to re-use some popular items instead of spending money on raised beds.


Since it’s more of a challenge to plant here in Arizona due to the heat, many opt for a raised bed – but the cost of a kit for a raised bed is (at least for me) a deterrent.  Heather used wood pallets & repurposed for her garden (these are Onions).


And she took 3 pallets and double stacked to create the perfect depth for a raised bed.

The lettuce beds are pallets. We have them stacked three high.  Easy to pick, keeps the prairie dogs out, and drainage is perfect .

The pallet standing on it’s side has onions in it. Last year it was all herbs.  Some of it seeded so now we have baby dill plants sprouting it it too! The onions are thriving in it!


The Kindle store is a great place to find more resources on starting your own:

thanks, Heather for sharing!

  • MJ Taylor

    Makes me wish I had a yard! I could probably stack those onions on my patio, but boooooo I have a north facing patio that rarely gets sun.

  • SteveAZGilbert

    Love the raised bed planter idea, and recycling. But I noticed. The pallets used here, they are owned by the companies painted on the sides. One of them is the company I work for. We reuse these over and over and expect to get them back to keep the product costs down for the consumer and to reduce the forest depletion. So please use ones that have no logos on them. Thanks so very much.

    • Kouba65

      Hi Steve. My name is Heather and these are my garden beds. I can appreciate what you are saying. As you can see, the pallets below the ones on top are in very bad shape. The two “colored” pallets were at the end of someone’s driveway, and would have gone to the landfill had I not taken them. I live in Gilbert where once a month pp put things on the curb and the city of Gilbert removes them. So yes, I am a garbage picker. A repurposer. And I was trying to save perfectly good lumber from going to the landfill. I am all about recycling “throwaway” items. Leave Sheryl your number, and if I ever see another painted pallet, you can come pick it up. If not, I will probably turn it into a hanging shelf, because that’s how I roll. <3

  • BSPflow

    I love this idea! Perfect for a little deck garden too.