Safeway: FREE Sparkle Paper Towels, Wet Ones AND Angel Soft Toilet Paper


WOWsers – great deal on Toilet Paper and on Sparkle Paper towels at Safeway:

Angel Soft Toilet Paper 4 pk $.99 (thru 8/27)
$0.25/1 Angel Soft Bath Tissue Product (2 per computer) – has not reset!
$0.45/1 Angel Soft Bath Tissue (DND)
= FREE – $.54

Sparkle Single Roll Paper Towel (thru 8/27)
$0.50/1 Sparkle Paper Towel 07/28/2013 RP Insert (exp 08/17/2013)

Wet Ones 40 ct $.99 (thru 8/20)
$.75/1 Wet Ones 24 ct. Canister HERE

  • mroohr

    I thought Safeway doubled dnd coupons. Did they change their policy?

    • susan cushman

      I had no problem using the coupon 7/28/13 red plum to get the t.p for free (not the printable) and it stated dnd.

      • sherylcuevas

        Safeway doesn’t always double DND coupons; their policy doesn’t state that they “must” – the reason I don’t promote, is because If I DO tell people that they will, and your experience varies, the reader comes back to blame me for it not doubling.

        Everyone will have different experiences; but because I am liable for what I post on the site, and, because not everyone’s store WILL double a DND, I have to be cautious – because, in the end, if I tell everyone that “yes! they will all double”, then if it doesn’t, I ultimately get blamed for poor information. People have to understand that unless the policy states “they WILL double ALL coupons” (which it does not), that I cannot promote – and I’m sure that most others wouldnt want thousands of people emailing them that I was wrong.

        • susan cushman

          Completely agree…it’s hit and miss…..I tried it with one and it did….sometimes not tho….my store is awesome and usually does as well as not limit on non doubled coupons.

          • sherylcuevas

            My store in QC is so anti-coupon, they wont double anything that says DND.. but the mesa store, depends who is cashiering and how busy they are. Sometimes they will auto-double without noticing but I rarely shop there and have that luck.

  • Laura McDunn

    Are the paper towels an ad deal, or just a hit or miss? Maybe just in Phoenix? Went to a SW in Tucson and they were $1.99.

    • sherylcuevas

      I think I have said this so many times – it’s a non-ad deal, it will vary by store. My store = $1.00; I shared …….because I wanted people to know.
      I know that in Sierra Vista they are $1.00 as well, because 2 readers already sent me their shopping trip pictures of Sparkle/Angel Soft.

      I truly can’t say it’s every store; but like every non-ad deal, it will vary, and that’s beyond my control.