Safeway: Free "1st Birthday" Cake!


My son is going to be turning 1 in October (sniffle sniffle, I want him to stay little!) and one of my readers emailed me this wonderful deal – she was totally thinking of me ;)  Safeway will give you a free “baby block” cake for your 1-year-old when you order a quarter sheet or larger.

Check it out:

We (Safeway) offer the baby’s first birthday cake with the purchase of a quarter sheet or larger cake, so baby get’s their very own cake. It is a petite cake decorated like a baby block. Most customers will receive a coupon in the mail, but if you don’t, you can still get your free cake by mentioning it when you order your quarter sheet or larger. Presently the coupon is not on, but I will be speaking with some of our advertising people to find out if that is an option. So stop by your neighborhood Safeway bakery and order your quarter sheet or larger birthday cake and mention the baby’s first birthday block cake and get ready to take some great video’s of your son/daughter “digging” in to his very own first birthday cake.

You can get the coupon from Safeway for this free block cake by emailing Safeway at  and mentioning your Club Card number.  They will send you a coupon to redeem in store.

Thanks Bev for the heads up…totally going to rock out this one in October :)

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that I would first look into is how much their sheet cakes are. When my daughter turned 1 I called around and found that Costco's sheet cakes were almost half the price, plus they come with the yummy fillings and buttercream frosting. If they are the same price or close to then its a great deal. you don't get the free mini cake but with the money you save you can buy a big cupcake-thats what i did anyway.

  • kc

    Hey did I just write the comment above as anon? Oh wait quinn is a boy :-)
    Brillant minds must think alike!

    We had the exact same experience as the anon commenter. Costco + super cute huge cupcake is a way better deal! You know safeway's regular prices can be!

    Now if it was a target coupon… You know it would be desert deals diva deal! Just kidding i don't think they put cute birthday cakes on endcaps. :-)

  • Anonymous

    I don't do Costco. I just can't justify paying a membership fee for a warehouse of overpriced items.

  • Anonymous

    I have asked the bakery about the 1st birthday cake for my daughter and they told me I have to have the coupon. Not only that nobody at the store I was at new how to get it. Sad that the employees don't know that us just mentioning it is good enough.

  • veena

    Well, all that i had to mentioned was can i talk to your manager and i was offered the smash cake for 1st birthday for free.