Safeway Coupon Policy Update (Arizona)


Several of you have expressed recent concern with the Safeway coupon policy in Arizona due to recent changes with the policy at Safeway and Von’s stores in California.

I never addressed the changes in the California changes affecting us in Arizona, because California is an entirely different market – what they work with there is not equivalent to what we work with here.

We are fortunate in Arizona to have a very competitive market – Fry’s takes coupons to $1.00, Bashas doubles coupons regularly (and occasionally takes them at $1.00) – and Safeway has been accepting coupons up to $1.00 now for quite some time. We have Winco that will be coming up very soon in the East Valley – I recently drove by there (yesterday) to see them putting landscaping out in the parking lot – I feel like they are opening very soon!  

I recently contacted Safeway regarding their policy – as so many of you were concerned that the recent changes in California would affect us – and lend way to them discontinuing double coupons – Safeway let me know that there are no plans to discontinue “all coupons are worth up to $1” at this point in time – any changes that may be coming in the future will always be communicated well in advance.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of their promotion – not only are we fortunate to have coupons worth “up” to $1, we also have Just 4 U – that allows us personalized prices as well. Many of us are using their new feature, and loving it quite a bit.

  • livelaughnlove1

    My cashier at Fry’s today told me that Winco is opening on August 17th. How true that is we shall see =)

  • gandbmom

    I was in Safeway in Tucson a couple weeks ago and the manager told me they can no longer accept internet/printed coupons if they don’t scan correctly (i.e. they will not manually enter them). Has anyone else been told this? I would say at least half the time my internet coups don’t scan right, so this is a big bummer!

    • Summer Gardner

      I am told that every time I shop there (which has turned into rarely because of this). For some reason their scanners don’t like to accept printables unless they wave them for a good minute each. It is so frustrating!!! I hate shopping there. They always make me feel uncomfortable, like I’m an inconvenience, when I have printables since they are so hard to scan. I never have problems at Frys, Walmart, or Bashas.

      • Ashleigh Lowe

        I agree with you. I have stopped shopping at Safeway altogether. Even when my coupons scan fine, they give me an attitude.

    • MJ Taylor

      This is nothing new. This has always been in their official coupon policy. However, I have never had a problem with my Safeway entering them manually, but they do it as a courtesy and I know that if they don’t scan and the cashier refuses to accept it, I don’t have a leg to stand on. My Safeway is wonderful and I never have any issues with them and it’s a happy place for me to coupon.

      • Ashleigh Lowe

        I really wish mine was like this! Even when my coupons scan no problem, they still give me an attitude.

    • sherylcuevas

      Yeah – that’s in their policy somewhere I think. I know because I have had that problem and it’s frustrating, because I don’t get a lot of inserts – I use printables. So I hate spending so much time IN Safeway and then finding out at the register they wont scan. Frustrating! So I go to Fry’s more.
      But – I will say from experience – Smartsource coupons will never ever scan – so if you have a lot of Smartsource coupons (printed) don’t go to SW – easier to price match at Walmart or go to Fry’s. My SW will not enter any coupons, so if they wont scan, they hand them back and act like I’m trying to rob them.
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      • gandbmom

        Thanks for the tip! I also found out recently that Walmart will only take 1 of any given coupon that’s printed online. I usually only have 2 copies since that’s all that I can print from my one computer, but they won’t even let me use 2!

        • Ashleigh Lowe

          Really? I had no idea! My Walmart let me use multiples in the past, but haven’t tried recently.