Reader Story: Viggle Helped me Earn $175 in FREE Spending Money to Disney!


WOW – this email right here gives a new meaning to Viggle…perhaps I can really get Dave motivated this way?!  If you have an Apple Device, and you are not on Viggle – you need to head over & check it out. It’s an AMAZING way to earn gift cards that you can redeem for Lowe’s, Amazon …….and – to help you earn FREE Spending Money to Disney!


Hey Sheryl, I used my target gift cards from Viggle and redeemed them for Disneyland gift cards!!! I plan on using all my Viggle points for our vacation to Disney! Lowes, Target and Walmart allow you to use a gift card on third party gift cards! Also I found another app for us freapers who are always at the store it’s called checkpoints.

You scan for points at the store you can also download apps for coins to play games for more points! I have been using Check points for four days now and I’m at 3,500 points! It’s 37,000 points for $100 gift card to Walmart  on checkpoints!

If you are not using Viggle, you can sign up HERE – Viggle is an app you can find in the app store for your iPhone, or iPad – and you can earn points watching TV (& doing other activities as well!) 

You can also earn bonus points by answering trivia during a show… or watching trailers & ads – sharing your check-ins on Facebook or participating in Viggle Live. You can earn a total of 12,000 points per day (as of 12 a.m. EST).

Cash in those points for CVS Gift Cards, Starbucks Gift Cards & more – read more about it HERE on my last post.

Thanks Patricia!

  • Pam Linyard

    How many points do you get for watching a show?  I have Viggle, whenever I tune in, it says I will earn points when the show starts, but I am already watching it.  How do I set it for Az time?  Then when the show is over, it will show that I earned 30 points, that seems to low when people are getting 12,000 a day.  I may be doing something wrong.

    • Anonymous

      I love Viggle! I have been using this for almost a month and have earned close to $30 in CVS gift cards. You earn 1 point for every minute that you are check-in for a show. You earn more points by watching various ads (they range from 5 points to 5o points) or playing along with their Viggle LIVE. The LIVE is just trivia questions about the show’s previous episodes and you earn 15 points for every questions. You can also earn extra bonus points by checking in to certain shows on the “What’s on” tab. Hope that helps!