Papa Johns: Earn 25 Points (Possibly FREE Pizza?!)


Kristi let me know by email that you can enter promo code HS0XSC9HWW into the special offers page once you register or log-in to Papa Johns.

You’ll score 25 FREE Points – enough to grab yourself a free pizza.  You are not required to order your pizza today – you can order your pizza at a later time.


Thanks, Kristi!

  • Yvette Cottrell Selusi


  • Heather Harvey

    I just get an error message saying that an “unspecified error occured” and to try again later…

  • AJinPhx

    I just secured my points and my free pizza is in my account. The site said “error” at first when I first put in the promo code. I went to the next page pretending I was going to order and there was another “promo code” box on the next screen.  That promo box worked with the code right away on the first try. YUM!!!

  • ACouponer

    Worked for me, thanks Kristi for sharing and Sheryl for posting!

  • Elizabeth Middleton Sanders

    sweeeet! worked for me!

  • Dunberberberlee

    thanks…works so far

  • Mikhail Boho

    Got it!! Woohoo, thanks!

  • Imafreaper

    wow thank u ! 

  • MJ Taylor


  • Joanne Broady Moser

    WOOHOO Got it

  • Wendy Freapy

    thanks Kristi!! I keep signing up for email and text offers and never ever do I get any!! 

  • Daryl Yost

    I Got it on mine too.  Thanks!!!

  • Crystal Manley

    WOW… I now have two free pizzas waiting for me:)  Thank you… one from the other week were you bought $10 and got 25 points:)  LOVE PAPA JOHNS exp. when free

  • Jessica I. Roman

    didnt work for me :(

  • Kayla Molina

    i got code invalid :-/

  • Lucy Mae Pacheco

    It didn’t work for me, it’s stating invalid code. Maybe they ran out of promo’s….

  • Heather Vazquez

    Said invalid code for me too. Did it work for Anyone?

    • sherylcuevas

      Sure did, already ordered and hubby picked ours up at lunch. Though remember i posted yesterday…. so it has been a while.

  • Tana Weakland

    doesnt work :(

    • sherylcuevas

      The post is several days old now. The deal is over, sorry :(