Kroger and Affiliates: Tailgating Instant Win Game and Sweepstakes (Over 18,000 Prizes)


Here’s your daily reminder to play the Kroger Tailgating Instant Win Game and Sweeps through October 12th – for your chance at 1 of 18,470 prizes.

Prizes include FREE Clorox Wipes, Charcoal, Sandwich Spread, Oreo Cookies + more. See more in the Sweepstakes Round Up.

  • Jennie Flores

    I won Kingsford Briquets! thanks so much

  • Alexandra Farlow

    How are you opening the grill? There is no link for me. it just shows the men and the grill.

    • demi24

      google chrome won’t work. switch to IE. then you would see log in here link.

  • Christine Bowden

    Sweet! I just won a free Snapple! :-). Thanks! :-)

  • judylynnr


    You’ve won FREE 12pk of Dr Pepper cans

    • sherylcuevas

      WAHOOO!! GOOD JOB JUDY!!! =)

    • amy thorne

      I also won Dr Pepper! Yay! lol

  • Bobbie

    I also just won a free 12 pack of Dr. Pepper!

  • Dan

    ooo! finally won. Ritz Crackerfuls. mmm

    • sherylcuevas


  • Jen B.

    Haven’t won anything! =( Bummer!

    • sherylcuevas

      nooo! are you serious? I have won at least 5 times already.

      • Jen B.

        Totally! LOL!

      • ArizonaMimi

        Oh wow!!! I, also, haven’t won anything yet… give me your acct. info and password, I’m going to see if this thing is rigged, LOL! J/K (for those that don’t know me).

        • sherylcuevas


  • gratefulguest

    Usually win something in the first one or two tries. Nothing after days of trying

  • gratefulguest

    Also, had problems lifting the grill lid. The lift the lid button is tricky. Wait until you see a small hand instead of the arrow cursor before clicking. It is really tempermental.