Kmart: Storage Cubes just $2.99 + More

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If you are looking for some inexpensive Fabric Bins for organization and storage in your home, you can likely find them at Kmart – here’s a tip from Bree:

I found a few coupon necessities while in the Kmart store on 3rd St and Baseline. They had a binder with 100 sleeves for $19.99. Not bad considering the sleeves are usually $3-4 for 10-20.   Plus you get the binder.

Also I bought 3 fabric bins to store my stockpile in. I looked online before I went into the store to see if they were still $2.49. They were out of stock online. But they had a big selection of colors for $2.99 each in store.

I love those bins – I have a storage cube organization shelf and we love the bins for shoes and toys – $2.99 is a great deal!

(Thanks, Bree!)