How-To: Printing Coupons from your iPad, or Android Device


Many of you may have an iPad (me as well)… and want to know if you can print coupons on your device. Perhaps you have an Android and would like to do that with your phone as well.

You can print on both Android and Apple Devices – just a few simple steps is all it takes!

::: On the iPad/iPhone – Download the App from the App Store – (it’s FREE)

::: Make sure your iPhone or iPad are connected to your Wi-Fi network at home.. your network must be able to detect the printer  — ***Make sure the Wireless is turned ON*** on your printer as well.

Wired printer connected to your laptop connected to wireless and shared on wireless network -

Your computer or laptop is connected to wired printer through USB… and connected to WiFi. Connect your printer to Wi-Fi… . Grocery IQ will detect these shared printers and will automatically print after selecting print.  This works primarily with HP printer – or any printer using AirPrint.

Using 3G from cellphone provider: Wireless printer -

Turn on your cell phone wireless… then, connect your wireless printer to your phone’s hotspot. Printer will be auto detected by Grocery IQ and will print after selecting print.

If you have an Android phone, like I do, you can also print coupons

Download the Grocery iq app in the Android Market.  Then, find the app in the market titled PrinterShare ($12.95)… or PrintDirect (FREE) The free version does have limitations but if you purchase the app (for a small fee) you can print anything your phone.  I think the $12.95 is VERY worth the cost – if you decide to do this regularly.

You will be able to print remotely to 75% of Wi-Fi enabled printers, not just HP..

I’m no expert on printing from a mobile or iPad, but hopefully this helps those of you who have been curious.  I have installed ALL of the apps on my phone and iPad, but I haven’t spent too much time messing around to get them to work 100%.

  • Kathleen L Araiza

    Yay! I always wondered if I could print from my phone. Now if only the Facebook coupons would print from my ipad I would be in heaven!

  • Lisa Michael-Hall

    also print by eurosmartz is one i have on my samsung galaxy for printing, but app the new samsung galaxy coming out will let you print wirelessly

  • kmarti0204

    its sad that the only way to print from an adroid phone via grocery iq is to email it, then if i try to print from my desktop(throught my email) the coupon says limit reached :-(
    I have tried sending it directly to my hpeprint email and it never shows up.
    If you know of any other way please let me know. Thanks you for all ur help.

    • Coupon_Senorita

      I am having that same problem with mine hmmm… not sure if im doing something wrong

  • monique2168

    Have anyone here actually been able to print coupons on an android phone? I had downloaded printdirect and groceryiq still wants to email the coupons. :(

    • Shoua Lauj

      I’ve downloaded both as well and it only allows me to email the coupons only as well, not print. If anyone knows how to print from Android, please share. Thanks.

  • Brandi P

    How exactly does this allow you to print coupons from an Android??

  • Karen Rogers

    How do you see the coupons in grocery iq?

  • Jamie J

    I think this should be DELETED. You CAN NOT print from an android device as of yet and its a waste of time for people to download all the crap and even try!

  • Missy

    Hello, did anyone figure out how to print couons from Android?