How to Show ALL Pages Without Scrolling through Each


Reader Frank tipped us off to a really awesome helpful hint on last night!  He got this tip from Mashable – great resource.

If you are frustrated with having to go page by page to see all of the coupons on, you can simplify your efforts.

Go to, and once you are there, go to the bottom to “Show more Coupons”.  Click that with your mouse, and then immediately after, click very fast with the space bar on your computer over and over. It will automatically bring up all pages for you to see at once.

Hopefully this works as a time saver for you when going back for your second print of coupons!

Thanks, Frank!

  • Troysmom

    This is awesome!! My sister in law and I was just talking about how long it takes just to get to the end to print the 2nd coupon. Thanks for the tip Frank! So great for you to share Sheryl!

  • Bethany Maxwell

    YES! This is fabulous!!!! Thank you.

  • PamA11

    Thanks for this tip. I was getting really annoyed with clicking!

  • Kara Poling

    No luck. =/ Maybe it doesn’t work on a Mac?

    • arnoldsemmons

      It might not work on a Mac…. with Windows, once you select any field that is clickable with a mouse, you can hit the space bar to click it. I just tried this with my Windows PC; when I go to, it initially loads 21 coupons. When I click the “show more coupons” button, and then hit the space bar repeatedly, it just advances me to the bottom of the now 42 coupons… it doesn’t actually load all coupons available. Can somebody who is getting all 290 coupons to load on the screen at the same time please share which browser they are using to accomplish this? Thanks!

      • sherylcuevas

        I think there is a diff way for a Mac, I have to find it – I’ll look once I get home for ya

      • Frank Molina

        I also found this info for a Mac from the website I found the original trick, I haven’t tried it myself though.

        Macs and Chrome

        If you are on a Mac or using Chrome, try this instead: Click the
        “show more coupons” button, push the space bar, then tap the mouse.

        • sherylcuevas

          Thanks Frank!!!

  • Sil Shu

    Awesome! It works! Thanks!!!

  • nycmulan

    GREAT tip!! thanks for the info!! works on a PC!!!

  • nycmulan

    I use Firefox as my browser..hth

  • Katie Van Ingen

    doesnt work on mac

    • sherylcuevas

      Yes, it does.

      If you are using a Mac, click the spacebar on “Show More Coupons”, then, tap the mouse.