What to Do When your Catalina Does Not Print

If you are a regular shopper, you may have, at one point paid with a catalina, or expected a catalina on a purchase you have recently made.

What do you do when that catalina does not print? It happens all too often. Here are some tips to help.

First, make sure you bought the correct items, within the correct dates, that would trigger one to print. You can see a list of current catalinas HERE – keep in mind that some may vary by store.

Check to make sure the green light is blinking on the catalina machine. In some cases, it might be out of paper, in other cases, perhaps the machine is not on.

And sometimes, the catalina will take a few moments to print – so after you check out, hold out just a few seconds. You’ll know it is getting ready to print when the green light flashes…and don’t feel bad about holding up the line –last thing you want is the person behind you in line to get it!

Lastly, you can submit your claim online to Catalina Marketing.

Have your receipt handy – they will ask you for the date and time you shopped, your receipt number, the catalina you were expecting, and your address. Once they confirm, they will mail you a catalina via postal mail.