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A Reader’s Wise Fortune | To Buy, or Not to Buy?


Emily shared this funny experience with me just yesterday: It may not be a shopping photo but I thought it fitting for all of us couponers who just can’t resist a sale especially when we have a coupon to match! My hubby brought home Chinese food for dinner. He insists my fortune it’s trying to […]

Many Trips to Fry’s & a 2-Year Old’s Pride & Joy


See that?  Those matchbox cars resemble many, many trips to Fry’s…. And he has two more buckets to go. I just thought it was cute; had to share…. this occupied him today since Mom was sick – it made his dad proud, but watch out – step on one of these and you’ll never ever […]

A UHaul?! Now That’s One Serious Mega Shopper!


Oh gosh I’m laughing SO hard! Just got this from Michelle L. – read on: I’ve been reading comments all week about how excited everyone is about the Fry’s Mega Event.  When I pulled into the Fry’s parking lot and found a U-Haul I had to chuckle…Now that is one serious shopper! Thanks Michelle L.!

Happy Friday! Lets Put that K-Y To Use!


Happy Friday you guys. I’m so excited Friday is here. I have been waiting for it’s arrival all week. I have lots of things to do today; but one of them was finding an alternative use to ALL this K-Y. I know we all went over board in purchasing K-Y. I mean… I want more […]

Why you May Not Want to Follow My Site.

You’ll probably scoff your head at this post…..but yes. The last few weeks I have endured emails. and suggestions from people on what I can ADD to my site. Some of you have just simply told me that you were late to a deal because I was not fast enough. I know many of you […]

Funny Friday: Lighting Up the Dairy Case at Safeway!


Funny Friday – why would Safeway put a blinkie machine with a LIGHT BULB coupon…on the dairy case? I think they need new merchandising experts =) This would make better sense in the Home Aisle.     Thanks Susan for the funny pic!

Save More at YOUR Dollar Store: Now Open NINE Days a Week!


I can’t stop laughing! Seriously I am crying SO HARD!  Reader Anna gave us this hilarious picture today – she caught it at her Dollar Store….. Proof that dreams do come true! It’s really real! We have TWO more days a week to coupon! WOO HOOOOO! Anna Z. says: My dollar store is open NINE […]

You Matter! Hear Me?!


I saw this picture on the Facebook wall of one of my readers today (thanks Kelly!) I just had to share, I just think it’s cute… a great way to wind down the day

*Make a Statement*…. NEW “iFreap” Shirt!


Reader Stephanie just let me know her hubby made her a shirt – this truly made my day My husband ordered a shirt for me and I thought I’d share a pic with you… Apparently, "freap" has become a popular word in my home.    Funny stuff – I had to laugh! Thanks Steph!

*HOT BLOWOUT SPECIAL* A Deal you Won’t Want to Miss!


Hope you are having a wonderful Friday! This is a funny picture I came across from one of my Facebook friends (and fellow reader) Laura.  I’m not sure what store this was at but it was in the Valley….and I find it pretty hilarious: Blowout Specials The (former) price of $4.99 NOW $4.99! Whoever put […]

All These Clothes….. But Not One Thing to Wear….


I thought I’d toss this out tonight………why? Well, this morning is a great example. I’m pregnant and feeling FATTER every day. This morning? Total fatness. I don’t even FOLD my clothes. Know what I do? I have baskets. Haha Lazy way to do it – get clothes dry (outside or dryer) and toss in a […]

Is this YOUR Purse?!


The purse of a couponer (or, at least looks like mine!) I got this from a reader today, she finally cleaned out her purse…….. Does this resemble YOUR purse? Or are you a neat freak? I’m pretty clean, I’ll admit, but my purse? NO WAY. Total disaster. Why is it that when we get older […]

It’s 4 a.m.–Who’s Up?!


  I can see you……… You’re up early, planning your “attack” to acquire inserts. Admit it! I know it! Who else would be up this early? Definitely not me. I’m in bed.   Getting up on a Sunday to drive to find inserts is not my thing……haha   Have fun finding your papers today……..I’ll be catchin […]

I am a Freaper Because…….


So I was at the doctor and returned home to find a barrage of emails from Bev. This and that and this and everything else. But this one was the most pleasant. And Amanda R. on Facebook needs props for this. She is a true POET in disguise. I’m a freaper because…. F- Fabulous and […]

From the Archives: *HOT* Blowout Prices!


Photo credit Queen Bee Coupons Blowout Prices. Need I say more? I think we all need a great laugh……….lol I posted this wayyy back when I first started my blog. Whoa, that was ages ago. I laughed so hard when I saw this today as I was going through the archives…… hopefully you will get […]