Saving Money by Stockpiling Eggs (Freeze for Later Use)

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Earlier this afternoon I let you know you can pick up eggs for $.49 at Target – great deal! Even if you can’t use them all right away, you can save yourself some expense by purchasing them and freezing them.

It’s actually very simple. If you have an overabundance of eggs, OR, if you would like to stockpile eggs, you can freeze fresh, clean eggs for later use – get those ice cube trays out.. they will come in handy!


Freezing Whole Eggs:  Crack them, and beat them just until blended; freeze in a storage container that seals tightly and label with the date. Once thawed, 3 Tbsp = 1 Whole Egg.

Freezing Whites:  Break the eggs & separate, being careful obviously – you don’t want the yolk in the white. Pour into freeze containers, or into an ice cube tray & freeze, then transfer to a container that seals tightly. Once thawed, 2 Tbsp = 1 Whole Egg White.

Freezing Yolks: Yolks thicken when they are frozen…. which makes them impossible to use after they are thawed; therefore, to prevent that beat the yolks together with 1/8 tsp of salt or 1/2 tsp sugar per every 4 eggs. Then freeze in ice cube trays & transfer to a container that seals tightly once frozen. Make sure you label with the number of yolks and the amount of sugar/salt you used so as to prevent more salt from being added if you use them in a recipe.  Once thawed, 1 Tbsp = 1 Whole Egg Yolk.

Using the eggs is quite easy – you simply thaw them over night in the fridge. If you are using the whites, let them sit for 20 – 30 min at room temp. they’ll cook better.

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FREE Diamond Kosher Salt | DIY Fabric Softener & Body Scrub

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Looking for a way to use all that FREE Kosher Salt at Fry’s? Here are some tips from a reader:

DIY Softener:

For DIY Fabric Softener,  you can use kosher salt, rock salt/ice cream salt, or sea salt.  Mix it with some essential oils, and that’s it!  Add it a couple of tablespoons at the beginning of your wash.  I used about 20 drops of essential oil per cup of salt, just so I could get a nice strong smell from it.  I used half lemon, half grapefruit.  Use an air proof container if you use the essential oils, as you don’t want the smell to escape. 

You can also just use the salt alone as a fabric softener.  I found the jar in the picture at the Dollar (going back for some more).  It will look more like Purex if you use a coarser salt like rock salt, but I’m not spending money on looks when I can get it kosher salt free with coupon.

Body Scrub:

All you have to do at this point is take the salt and essential oils from above, and mix it with some oil!  I prefer coconut oil, but you can use olive oil.  I did this for Christmas gifts and put a ribbon and label around it. 

I used coconut oil, sugar (instead of salt) and sweet orange essential oil – it tastes like an orange Creamsicle AND it is edible!  

thanks, MJ!

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Wash your Shower Curtain Liner in the Washing Machine

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How long has it been since you washed your shower curtain or liner? I did mine yesterday. Not a hard thing to do but something we probably don’t do as much as we should!

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Take the Curtain off the hooks………throw in the washer. I washed mine with the bath towels – I did not use bleach, and don’t use softener – and stick with 1/4 of your usual detergent and warm water.

Remove from the wash, and be prepared to get your floor wet!  You can hang back up immediately in the shower, or you can pop in the dryer on low for 30 seconds to a minute – don’t forget about it in there.


Save Money by Reusing Wood Pallets for Raised Garden Beds


It’s just the perfect time of the year to start planting if you have a garden in mind.

I’m picking up plants this weekend.. we have plans to put together some basics in the backyard so we can try to save a little more on produce.  Over the last few weeks my good friend Heather has been working on her backyard garden – and shared some inspiration (and tips!) to re-use some popular items instead of spending money on raised beds.


Since it’s more of a challenge to plant here in Arizona due to the heat, many opt for a raised bed – but the cost of a kit for a raised bed is (at least for me) a deterrent.  Heather used wood pallets & repurposed for her garden (these are Onions).


And she took 3 pallets and double stacked to create the perfect depth for a raised bed.

The lettuce beds are pallets. We have them stacked three high.  Easy to pick, keeps the prairie dogs out, and drainage is perfect .

The pallet standing on it’s side has onions in it. Last year it was all herbs.  Some of it seeded so now we have baby dill plants sprouting it it too! The onions are thriving in it!


The Kindle store is a great place to find more resources on starting your own:

thanks, Heather for sharing!


Simple Ways to Make your Own Baby Food with Inexpensive Organic Produce


The last few weeks have led to some great produce deals for us – earlier this week I posted the chance to score FREE Earthbound Farm Organic at Target – opportunities like this are a super way to make your own Organic Baby Food for your little ones.

Most of the baby food in the store is overpriced – that little jar can easily be made on your own for a whole lot less – not to mention you know what goes in it.

You can also use produce from your local Farmers Market to get Organic Squash, Apples, Sweet Potatoes, or even Carrots.

Use your Food Processor or Blender along with a small amount of liquid to blend – and ice cube trays work super for freezing in small batches; pop out, and put in a Hefty One Zip. Or you can go a step further and pick up the Sprout Baby Food Containers on Amazon that will allow you to take them with on travel, too.


Bake, boil or steam the vegetables until they are soft. Add as little liquid as possible… today I chose to boil the carrots and bake the sweet potato.


Peel & Pit the produce to remove seeds. Some fruits don’t require liquid, others may – be sparing.

If you do carrots like I did, I just chopped the ends off; I did not peel the carrots. For Sweet Potatoes, I wrapped mine in foil and tossed in the oven… when it was done, I let it cool and removed the peel.


If you are preparing meat … then remove the skin and trim all fat before cooking. Chop the meat up super small, and use your processor to blend it – you can add a bit of broth, or water to help the consistency.

Remember…when serving the food, you need to ensure that you serve it no warmer than body temp.  If using a microwave, make sure you stir it evenly before serving (and test it too) – as sometimes the microwave can create hot spots. 


Use ice cube trays to freeze in smaller portions; today I couldn’t find my trays so I used Snapware & Ziploc containers until I get to the store later to pick up a few trays. Today I made Carrots and Sweet Potatoes – this should last me quite a while.

When ready to feed your baby, dish out only what your child will need, as any extra saliva that remains in the food is open ground for bacteria.

You can even mix foods together, and if they are too runny you can always add a little rice cereal or oatmeal.

And if you need more encouragement you can pick up this book – How To Make Homemade Baby Food: Recipes For Naturally Healthy Babies (for Kindle).

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DIY Homemade Air Freshener | Orange Peels, Vanilla and Cinnamon

I posted this back in January – if you missed it, and you have Orange Peels to put to use, this is a great solution!

We always have oranges here……. and I can’t stand to throw the peels out; I usually keep them all in a bowl and toss into water on the stove with cinnamon sticks and a capful of vanilla extract.

It’s an easy way to make your house smell really really good – without having to buy canned air freshener or burn a candle. I keep it simmering on the stove for a few days, and add water as needed.


How to Clean your Washing Machine


How long has it been since you last cleaned your washing machine? I cleaned mine earlier last week – Vinegar, and Borax……… it smells TERRIFIC now :)

Cleaning your washer with Vinegar is the easiest thing you could every do, & believe it or not, your washing machine NEEDS to be cleaned.

The dirt that is washed out of your clothes will produce bacteria in the machine, even with a stainless steel drum – bacteria can accumulate in the hoses also, which also need to be taken off and cleaned regularly too. Cleaning your washer will lengthen the life of your machine… and save you money later on.

It’s as easy as grabbing a few cups of Vinegar from your pantry:

  1. Pour 2 C. Vinegar into the machine, add a drop or two of Tea Tree Oil as well (if you have some)
  2. Run it for 3 minutes on hot
  3. Then stop the machine – however you do that – I have to push the button in.
  4. Let it sit over night
  5. The next morning, pull out the knob, let it finish, and then run a rinse cycle on cold

(You’re not required to use Tea Tree Oil – should you have it, you can.. if not, Vinegar works just fine by itself)

Easy 2-Ingredient Shower Cleaner Solution


Reposting this for all that missed it in April. Just a few days ago, I picked up a few jugs of Vinegar at Fry’s – I actually ran out of this spray (which I keep one in each shower)…

Dave asked me yesterday where the “Magic Cleaner” was – I had to laugh – up until then I had no idea he actually paid attention to the bottle hanging in the shower – nevertheless, I showed him how to whip up a few bottles so he could put them back in the bathrooms.

We all use tons of product in the shower, doesn’t take much with the Arizona hard water to build up.. and cause grime, stains, and everything else. Fix it fast for low cost… with Dawn and Vinegar.


Use the Vinegar to make a magic shower cleaner that works wonders in the bathroom.

I keep mine in each shower in a spray bottle hanging over the top — I spray every time I get out of the shower  - we have ONE bottle in each bathroom. Pick up the empty spray bottle for a buck at Home Depot.


  • Equal Parts: Vinegar and Dawn Dish Soap
  • *The Regular Dawn (Blue, etc) works best
  • Dawn Hand Renewal I have not tested.
  1. Heat up Vinegar
  2. Pour in a Spray Bottle (Be Careful!) – I aim for 3/4 full
  3. Add  blue Dawn —> I usually do 3/4 spray bottle of Vinegar and the rest Dawn Dish Soap. Flip upside down and gently blend.
  4. Get in the shower, spray the solution on walls, and floor, and doors and let it sit a few hours. Then, after a while, find an excuse to shower, and wipe it clean with a washcloth as you shower at the same time.
  5. Next time you use, you are not required to heat.
You can also see this too – as another use for Dawn: