Making your Own Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

  We mentioned just a few days ago that you can pick up a coupon for 20 Mule Team Borax – you can score it at Target for just $2.99 after coupon. Borax comes in really handy around your home – it has MANY uses.. which we will discuss here soon. I use Borax for […]

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20 Household Uses for Vinegar | From Laundry, to Cleaner & More

Colorful cleaning products

Many of us have a love affair with vinegar – it’s something that we always (and I mean = always!) have in our cabinet. It helps me keep my house clean, helps my laundry stay soft, and helps my pocketbook. Vinegar has been around for 10,000 years – but has been produced commercially for just […]

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{DIY} 15 Snowman Crafts to Welcome the Holiday Season

15 Snowman Crafts

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! I said the S word….. I am sorry! IF you are stuck inside this year (and some of you are!) you might as well make the best of it with these cute snowman crafts! From sock snowman to wooden snowman this list has it all! I […]

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DIY Pumpkin Soy Wax Candles {Great for Holiday Tables or Gift Giving}

unnamed (21)

Just a few days after Halloween, I picked up cheap Pumpkins at Fry’s – they were just $.20 each. I couldn’t pass them up! If you stocked up on those cute pumpkins for a Thanksgiving Décor Opportunity & you are willing to part with a few of them.. grab some Soy Wax Flakes & make […]

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15 DIY Holiday Gifts for Women

DIY Gifts for Women

  If you are planning ahead for Christmas and making your own gifts, you can save a ton of money by making your own – many of which can be done with items you may have right around your home! We gathered up 15 DIY Frugal and Fun Holiday Gifts for Women that you can […]

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Easy DIY All Purpose Cleaner

unnamed (14)

Several months ago I let you know that you can use common household items to make your own cleaners. While I admit that I will pick up cheap cleaners (if they are less than $.50) they get passed directly to my in laws who use them to clean her house. I try to stay clear […]

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De-Funk your Towels with Baking Soda & Vinegar

Freshen your Towels

Have some Bathroom towels that are a little stinky? It doesn’t take long for the smell to build up – and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has that problem. Over time your towels accumulate detergent build up.  AND if you use Fabric Softener, that softener actually absorbs into the towels & makes […]


TEN Alternative Uses for Mouthwash

Woman Holding Bottle Of Mouthwash

Chances are.. if you coupon, you have tons and tons of mouthwash. This week you can score Colgate for ONLY $.50 at Walgreens! Believe it or not, mouthwash is one item that has several uses – from mopping to laundry. If you have any alcohol based, sugar free mouthwash around your home, here are 10 uses […]

Wash your Shower Curtain Liner in the Washing Machine

shareasimage (3)

How long has it been since you washed your shower curtain or liner? I did mine this morning again. Not a hard thing to do but something we probably don’t do as much as we should! Take the Curtain off the hooks………throw in the washer. I washed mine with the bath towels – I did […]

How to Clean your Dishwasher | 5 Simple Steps


Lemonade Kool Aid is super yummy – it’s even better when you can use it for household tasks too – it makes it a double duty item. Did you know that you can use it to clean your dishwasher? And it’s much less expensive than the regular commercial cleaners. Pick up packets for $.20 – […]

How to Clean your Washing Machine

Clean your Washing Machine

How long has it been since you last cleaned your washing machine? I cleaned mine today (I try to do it every month!) Cleaning your washer with Vinegar is the easiest thing you could every do, & believe it or not, your washing machine NEEDS to be cleaned. The dirt that is washed out of […]

15 Ways to Reuse Citrus Peels

Using Citrus Peels

We are now in Lemon Season … here in Phoenix. I have in-laws that have a Lemon Tree & they are constantly giving me bags of them to take home. I will NEVER turn down FREE Lemons… my biggest wish is that I had a Lemon Tree at my house (But I don’t!) Do you […]

Easy 2-Ingredient Shower Cleaner {Dawn + Vinegar}


Pick up cheapDish Soap this week at Safeway, and take advantage of picking up as many as you can (while we have the opportunity). AND, then use that to make a really easy shower cleaner that works even better than the commercial cleaners in store. Grab Vinegar, and Blue Dawn Dish Soap, and give this […]

28 DIY Halloween Costumes


Halloween is right around the corner! Are you still looking for that perfect costume? If so, we rounded up 28 that you can put together yourself to save yourself some cash. Find everything from skeletons to Snow White! And since these costumes are DIY, they won’t break the bank! Poison Ivy Mickey Mouse Harry Potter’s […]