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12 Different Ways to Use Pomegranate Seeds {+ Pay just $.50 at Fry’s}

Pieces of ripe pomegranate on wooden table

Through the end of January.. you will likely find Pomegranates featured at the grocery store. This week they are $1 at Fry’s… $.50 after coupon. That’s a great deal. Not to mention you can use a coupon to pay even less starting Sunday.  Just $.50!  $0.50/1 POM Fresh Pomegranate – 10-25-15 SS; DND (exp 12/31/15) […]

DIY Diffuser Necklaces

DIY Diffuser Necklaces

Believe it or not, your sense of smell is the most primal sense and has an extremely important influence over your thoughts, emotions, moods, memories and behaviors.  If you love cookies and SMELL them baking, chances are it gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. At least it does for me.  ;) Other sensations (like […]

DIY Natural Bleach Alternative


  Do you have Hydrogen Peroxide at home? We have a TON of it. Over 2 years ago acquired quite a large amount at Walgreens when I needed a filler to use my register rewards. I knew I could use it, so another bottle wasn’t a huge deal.   Two years and 20,000 bottles later (kidding.. […]

DIY Garbage Disposal Fresheners

Garbage Disposale Fresheners

Do you think these are cotton balls? If you do, then you are wrong! They are little Garbage Disposal Fresheners.  Now let me start by saying … you don’t NEED to have these. If you have a Stinky Garbage Disposal (and we all do from time to time) .. lemon peels and orange peels work […]

How to Clean your Washing Machine {Drum, Seal & All}

How to CLEAN your Washing Machine

  Last night, I got this URGE to CLEAN – I felt GREAT. I was up until 3 a.m., and felt amazing. Until I woke up today. (ha! I will NOT do that again. I was DRAGGING this morning…) I was folding clothes and then changed over laundry fast, put a load in the dryer at […]

DIY Mason Jar Gel Air Freshener

Mason Jar Gel Air Freshener

Earlier last week we mentioned that you could pick up these cute Jelly Jars at Fry’s for $5.81 – with 12 in a flat, it’s the perfect way to stock up for gifts at the holidays. Making your own gifts is SO much cheaper, not to mention it’s the path less traveled – which means […]

Easy 3 Ingredient Simple Floor Cleaner


Just recently I had a reader ask what I use to clean my floors.  I don’t think I have ever shared that on the blog ~ I have shared everything else I use… homemade laundry soap, DIY cleaner, and more… The shelves in all of the grocery stores are SO full of products … quite […]

Make a Cinnamon Orange Air Freshener


 Every year when October rolls around, you can smell that strong scent of cinnamon when you walk into JoAnn, Michaels, Hobby Lobby .. or even the regular grocery store. I have no idea what they use, I thought for a while it was Pine Cones, but I’m never completely sure that is exactly what it […]

How to Make your Own Laundry Detergent


Have you ever thought of making your own laundry Soap?    We don’t buy commercial detergent and have been making our own for several years. It works GREAT – and it costs much less.  We made some back in July and we FINALLY ran out last night.. today we need to make some more! We […]

Homemade Peppermint Lip Balm {Great Holiday Gift Idea}

Peppermint Lip Balm

  If you have plans to gift this Christmas, it’s not too early to get started ~ our wheels are turning and we have already started putting together our ideas, and making our list of what we want to gift this year. We usually do gift baskets, and we are doing that this year too.. […]

Easy 2-Ingredient Shower Cleaner {Dawn + Vinegar}


Need a GOOD and EFFECTIVE shower cleaner? We have one and it requires only TWO ingredients. This stuff works beter than ANYTHING else. Grab Vinegar, and Blue Dawn Dish Soap, and give this a whirl: 10 oz. Blue Dawn Dish Soap (we use the Blue or Green) 12 oz. Vinegar – warmed in the microwave OR […]

Homemade Drain Cleaner & Declogger Recipe


Many of you, including myself, constantly battle clogged drains.   We cleaned our drains this morning (well not really “We” it was all ME who took care of it!) My daughter and I have VERY long hair, so we battle with clogged drains. We KNOW we aren’t supposed to put our hair DOWN the drain […]

How To Make your Own Weed Killer

Home Improvement

Chances are .. if you are in Phoenix, you experienced the rains we had this past weekend. Over the next few weeks I can only imagine the weeds that will pop up into our yards… You can tackle those with your own weed killer – using a combination of ingredients you have in your cabinet.  […]

Homemade Lip Chap Recipe {with Essential Oils}

Homemade Lip Chap Recipe

  There was a point in time many many months ago that we were able to score Carmex for FREE at Fry’s – with the end of double coupons, free Carmex went to Carmex you had to pay for. Fortunately, Lip Chap is REALLY easy to make yourself – it’s very cost effective, and it […]