Do It Yourself | Homemade Hair Detangler

DIY Hair Detangler

We are still getting ready to be back in the swing of things this week with school creeping up on us… if you have girls, chances are you probably fight with them to comb their hair. Or you fight with them when you comb their hair.

My daughter is almost 8, and last year we had to chop her hair, because she was not willing to do the work it required to be ready on time for school. After a year of having it just above her shoulders, she is eager to grow it back out long…  I’m wondering how that will work this year but I guess we’ll find out!

But with that comes the responsibility of doing her hair each day. Combing it is a challenge, for me and for her. We keep all the FREE samples we sign up for and use them to put together our own homemade detangled. 

It’s so easy, you won’t ever buy it again at the store.

::: Grab a Plastic Spray Bottle (I got this at Walmart for $1)

::: Gather your FREE Conditioner Packets that you sign up for (each has 1 – 2 Tbsp of conditioner) 

::: Squeeze the conditioner in the bottle – I use 1-2 packets per spray bottle

::: Fill the bottle with water, shake vigorously for 30 seconds to combine.

I help her comb her hair .. and we start by spraying with detangled prior to doing it in pigtails or ponytail – this works super for us. 

And it’s a great way to use all those extra packets you have at home.

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DIY: 2 Ingredient Shower Cleaner Solution


Over the last few years i have shared this multiple times on the blog – I actually ran out last night & had to make some more. It truly is the best shower cleaner solution you will ever use.

I try not to buy commercial cleaners, as with 4 kids, someone always has their hands in the flashy colored bottles – no matter how high or out of reach I keep them. .. my 2 year old is a Ninja at climbing and getting into almost every household area.

Grab a used spray bottle (I use the Lysol one in the picture and have now for 2 years). If you choose to buy a spray bottle in the store, make sure you do not go for the ‘cheap’ one – as the plastic will melt with the hot vinegar.

Grab Vinegar, and Blue Dawn Dish Soap, and give this a whirl:

  • 10 oz. Blue Dawn Dish Soap (we use the Blue or Green)
  • 12 oz. Vinegar – head in the microwave OR on the stove 

Heat the Vinegar 2-3 minutes until hot. Then, pour the Dawn into the spray bottle first, then use a funnel to add the vinegar in – gently turn to combine. You do not need to re-heat the mixture when you use.

Simply hang in the shower and spray the shower after each use – for a more heavy duty cleaner, spray the shower thoroughly and let sit overnight (the solution does smell – so if you use it, try to do when you’re not using the adjacent room).

One thing to note:  I prefer the BLUE Dawn – in this case today, I did not have any left, so I used the green. But the Blue is Phosphate Free – so is a little safer to use.


How To Make your Own Weed Killer


Weed Killer

Over the last few months I have had an unbelievable response to the Weed Killer I posted using Vinegar, and Dawn Dish Soap. 

I wanted to remind you that not only can you fight soap scum in your bathroom with Vinegar, you can also use it to kill those weeds in your front yard.  We have use this, and it WORKS for us. 

Some of you have mentioned it not working – I’m not sure how you’re using it, but I sprayed my yard back in March and the weeds have yet to pop back up. So we have been successful with it – I give my kids the assignment of sprinkling the salt (just because they are always bored) and then I go back behind them and spray with the sprayer.

Home Made Weed Killer

Homemade Weed Killer can be made with a variety of combinations:

  • ONLY Vinegar
  • Vinegar + Blue Dawn Dish Soap
  • Vinegar + Lemon (great if you have a lemon tree)
  • Vinegar + Essential Oil

Using Vinegar ALONE is just as effective as using it with Dish Soap; however, if you wish to combine with Dish Soap use 1 Tbsp (1 oz) per Gallon of Vinegar… I prefer blue Dawn, you might feel like the purple strikes a chord with you.

I find that Costco & Fry’s are the best places to buy Vinegar – 1 Gallon is $2.29 at Fry’s (Versus $5.50 at Safeway for the generic brand).

Alternatively, combine Vinegar with Lemon Juice (as lemon increases acidity so it’ll thus increase the effectiveness of the solution).

OR, you can combine Vinegar with Clove Essential Oil (see my post HERE on how to get started on Essential Oil) – it makes it a little easier to stick to the plants.  Some questions we had:

Can I use Apple Cider Vinegar
Yes – I have, in a pinch and yes it works just fine. 

How long does it keep?
I would suggest making enough to spray your yard – I haven’t ever kept large amounts for a long period of time to be able to tell you how long it lasts.

Does it Kill Grass?
Yes – so try to avoid spraying it on grass, and on places you wish to grow a garden because it will sterilize the soil.

Does it Affect Pets
As with anything you spray around your home, keep your pets away. 

What is the purpose of Table Salt?
The Table Salt works to provide a surface for the liquid to “stick” to. You are not required to sprinkle salt – but if you are anxiously worried that the solution isn’t “sticking” and sprinkling it makes you less anxious than go for it. Or, if you have kids, and you want to give them something to fight the “boredom” you can give them a container of Table Salt and tell them to go at it.

Can I Use Epsom Salt
I haven’t tried Epsom Salt, but salt in general is not a necessity. You can give it a try, let me know how it works. 



Hydrogen Peroxide | 20 Popular Household Uses {with Printable}


Over the last few weeks, many of us have stocked up on Hydrogen Peroxide – we probably didn’t go looking for the deal… at least for me it was a great way to add a filler to my Walgreens trips without a lot of out of pocket.

All these weeks later my mudroom is full of these little bottles – so I decided to put together a fun and helpful list of 20 possible uses.

I usually use mine in the laundry, but since I have so many bottles I’m using as my counter cleaner – and it works super.

Some fun facts about this stuff that you may find as interesting as I did:

  • Fruits & Veggies naturally produce this stuff (you didn’t know that did you?)
  • Your white blood cells produce Hydrogen Peroxide to fight infections.
  • It is safer to use than chlorine bleach.
  • AND it is used to treat drinking water and eliminate bacteria, chemicals & more.

20 Household Uses for Peroxide

You can print this list out for reference and hang on your fridge (that’s where mine is) – or laminate and keep in a household binder for reference.

I’m sure there are many more uses, but for the sake of time (and because 20 fit on one piece of paper!) – we kept it at 20. 

Do you have one that I should add? If so, feel free to comment – and I can re-do the list at a later time & include your tip.

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Clean your Washing Machine


How long has it been since you last cleaned your washing machine? I cleaned mine today – it needed it before I took off with the kids to see a movie…….. we cleaned it last month but it NEEDED it!

Cleaning your washer with Vinegar is the easiest thing you could every do, & believe it or not, your washing machine NEEDS to be cleaned.

The dirt that is washed out of your clothes will produce bacteria in the machine, even with a stainless steel drum – bacteria can accumulate in the hoses also, which also need to be taken off and cleaned regularly too. Cleaning your washer will lengthen the life of your machine… and save you money later on.

It’s as easy as grabbing a few cups of Vinegar from your pantry:

  1. Pour 2 C. Vinegar into the machine, add a drop or two of Tea Tree Oil as well (if you have some)
  2. Run it for 3 minutes on hot
  3. Then stop the machine – however you do that – I have to push the button in.
  4. Let it sit overnight
  5. The next morning, pull out the knob, let it finish, and then run a rinse cycle on cold

(You’re not required to use Tea Tree Oil – should you have it, you can.. if not, Vinegar works just fine by itself)