NEW Facebook Feature | Save Articles to Read for Later


If you are following us on Facebook you can now use a new Facebook feature to save articles you may not have time to read during the day (perhaps if you work).

You can now Save articles, and to do that, just click the Menu drop down on your feed of that particular post/article – and click Save this Link.


Then your saved offer will go on the left side under your options so you can reference later.

Visit us on Facebook by heading here, and remember.. if we are missing from your feed, please review this refresher… and keep in mind that Facebook is a social interaction site. You must interact to ensure we remain IN your feed.

Are you missing Facebook notifications from Cents’Able Shoppin about page posts?!


Facebook rolled out a new feature quite some time ago and I realize now that it may have changed how many of you see my posts on your timelines. Someone probably mentioned this before, and I’m sorry, keeping up with grocery store matchups is a huge task. Huge.

So here’s the deal. If you want to get the deals and free stuff on my Facebook page, before everyone else gets to them, you’ll have to check something. You can see from the picture below what I am talking about. If you already “LIKE” my page, thank you! BUT – You’ll have to click that “LIKE” button again and make sure there is a check box next to “Get Notifications” for you to see most of the stuff I post. You can even check the “Add to Interest Lists…” if you want but that’s something a little different. I’d appreciate that too of course.

If you check and it is already checked. Awesome! I’d like to gauge as best possible how many of you were missing my posts, so let me know!

Thank you!

Facebook Notifications

P.S. If you know someone who would benefit from my site, please invite them over! 

Garnier BB Rewards: Earn Points (+ Products) for Questions, Challenges and Reviews


Garnier is offering a new program where you can earn rewards for purchasing their products – you’ll score 70 Points just for joining Garnier BB Rewards, and you can earn even more points by sharing challenges, reviewing products, and (coming soon!) for inviting friends!


Head over HERE to get started – it’s a Facebook app and you will need to authorize.

Then discover the ways you can earn – even better, you’ll be able to redeem those points for products in return (and you can score a coupon there as well).

(Thanks, I Crave Freebies)

Facebook Tips ~ Not Seeing Me in your Newsfeed? Some Tips to Help..


Over the last few days, Facebook has made even more changes… it seems like their changes are always affecting our Facebook habits in one way or another.

I know many of you are having problems seeing me in your newsfeed – if you are, here are a few tips that might help you out:

When you “Like”  the page, make sure you drop down and “Add me to your Newsfeed” as well.

Commenting and Liking posts will help as well – if you don’t comment or like, then I won’t show up in your newsfeed – as Facebook will assume that you aren’t finding material of interest……

Commenting and liking not only helps to keep me in your newsfeed, it helps me know if I’m reaching you :)  I often times look for “validation” as the one posting deals/offers, and if I don’t feel like I’m “reaching” anyone, I might assume that what I’m bringing forward isn’t of any interest to you :)

Sprinkles Cupcakes: B1G1 FREE Offer (Facebook)–through 8/5


Yummers! Grab a FREE Cupcake at Sprinkles when you purchase a cupcake!  Visit their Facebook page and scroll down to their status – that says “Buy One Sprinkles Cupcake and Get One Free” – then click “SEND OFFER”. Make sure your email on your Facebook is correct :)

To redeem your offer, you’ll grab the coupon that you receive by email and show it to the staff on paper or via phone. Offer is valid through 8/5.

We do have a location in Scottsdale.

How To: Change your Facebook Email


Facebook has made the attempt to change our emails – if you weren’t already aware of that, I became aware of it when I was on my profile this morning and said to myself  “what is this?? Who did this to my profile?!” Here’s how to fix that – should you opt to keep your current email in lieu of a new “Facebook” email.

::: Go to your Timeline

::: Click ABOUT (under your profile picture)

::: Scroll down to Contact Info – hit EDIT


::: Switch the crossed out circles to a full circle for each inbox you want visible on your profile – if you don’t want it visible switch it to crossed out

*Back Again* $2/1 Country Time Half & Half Coupon (Facebook)


Make sure you disable your pop ups!!!  They have approx. 687 left as of the time of my post – and going down and down with each minute! Check out Country Time Lemonade on Facebook for a $2/1 coupon for their new Half & Half variety!

You will need to nominate a name for their NEW Variety…. you can also request a mailed coupon too by clicking “HELP” on the bottom of the page

You can get 2 prints – once you print the first, click the link that says “open in new window” and print again.

Thanks, Kayla!

Domino’s–FREE Artisan Pizzas Starting 4/9


I shared this with y’all on Facebook earlier today……but for you “non” Facebookers here’s your heads up:

Domino’s on Facebook announced today that they’ll be giving away pizzas, Artisan style, starting 4/9. Will you be there to get one? I hope you’ll join me….. I’m ready for a free pizza.

Join Us….on Facebook!

Are you a Facebook fanatic? Well gosh…you’re not alone! Those of you who are new to this site, I highly encourage you to mosey on over to our Facebook page.  I discovered this past weekend, after bumping into readers at the store, that many of them have no idea there is a “Facebook Page” associated with this blog.

Our Facebook fan page is a great way to:

  • Help get an answer for a question, or learn more about couponing in general
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Gain support from folks who understand your frustration (or excitement)
  • Share your grocery trips- we love to see your shopping experience
  • Share in discussion as we talk about our couponing experiences, wild and crazy habits, or just anything at all!

We have a great many readers out there who have made new friendships, exchanged coupons, and planned shopping trips together through Facebook, and it’s fun to see the energy each and every day :)

So if you haven’t already, I encourage you to visit with us – the greatest advantage of doing so – you will have instant answers to any of your questions – from a multitude of people.  Those of you getting started – it’s a great way to learn how others sort their coupons, plan their trips – and even meet up with us at scheduled coupon swaps.