Blog Feature | Search for Sale Items


Just a reminder – You may have noticed another improvement to the blog; if you refer to the right side of the blog you will see a search box at top of the weekly grocery deals.

  • Search for a Deal
  • Search the Site

Search for a Deal searches for a specific item on sale this week among all the stores..


For example, If you are eager to find out where Macaroni & Cheese is on sale, and you are limited for time & don’t want to go through the matchups, you can type Horizon– hit Search.


You’ll get a list of all of the current weekly deals that include Ritz at each store.

Do note that the search box will look through all of the grocery lists I have at present on my site – with the exception of Albertsons.

  • ArizonaMimi

    Awesome!!! This site gets better and better… Thank you Sheryl!

  • Jessica Hoamster