Best Target Deals 9/23 to 9/29


Below are the best of this week’s Target deals –Make sure you print the Target coupon policy.

If you are going to be ad matching at Target, keep in mind that price matches are done at the Customer Service counter – and any Target coupons are applied prior to the price match.

  • Michelle Teela PoncedeLeon

    i had a really hard time with target tonight. i was trying to buy the 24 ct up and up ib profen with the target 1.00 off pain relif item. they said they couldnt cause its .01 more than the coupon. i told them they just need to scale the coupon down, as says their coupon policy. she printed the policy, and i showed her see it says right here. she emphasized “may” and then said the target coupons says that the coupon cant be of higher value of hte coupon. i called corporate, but got no where. what is the policy? do i need to call corporate again? i amabout to say target isnt worth my time

    • Sonia Favela

      I found Target interesting tonight but it was to my advantage. I used the BOGO Schick Quattro coupons the razors are 6.99 I had a $3.00 target coupons that I stacked. But the best thing was that the BOGO coupons I printed scanned for $10.50. The cashier was unable to change it to $6.99 so she called her supervisor and was told to leave it at $10.50 because that is what they automatically scan for . I ended up paying out of pocket 2.48 only because I had another item but ended up with 4 packages of the schick quattro.