Barbara’s Bakery Class Action Lawsuit + Claim Form for Purchases 5/23/2008 to 7/5/2013


I know many of you have purchased Barbara’s Bakery items recently over the last year – if you have, they have a new Settlement available for purchases made May 23rd 2008 to July 5th 2013.

If you have purchased, you can see more HERE.

The settlement is in regards to Barbara’s labeling their items as “All Natural” – when their ingredients are not all natural, but genetically modified.

The claim form can be submitted HERE if you have made a purchase… of eligible products listed on their site.

  • MJ Taylor

    Geez with all the recalls on supposedly good, natural foods! Next we’re going to find out that organic is not really organic either! And I used to love Barbara’s ‘Snackimals’ cookies too. Boo!!

    • sherylcuevas

      I have always known Barbara’s is not.. so I have tried not to buy. I have an app on my phone that scans barcodes and tells me what is Non-GMO project Verified….. or I look for the seal on the product.