AHA Life: FREE $20 Credit (Covers Shipping) = FREE Items!


Stephanie found us a really fun site called “AHA LIFE” – you can join HERE (very quickly) and score a $20 Credit.

Some of their items are pricey – but, once you join, click “SHOP”, and then sort low to high. They have some fairly creative items……… I found the Water Bottles above for $10-$12, I opted for the Pink one for Wendy.

You’ll score a 5% discount at checkout, & the $20 Credit DOES cover shipping (which is $8).  I scored the bottle FREE.  Try to aim for something $12 and less – no credit or debit card is required upon checkout.  Let me know what you find!

thanks, Steph!

  • mochimama

    I “bought” the Deepak Chopra tea for 35 cents!