2013 Savings Tracker


Last year, 2012, I introduced a “Savings Spreadsheet” to help those of you who love to crunch numbers, keep track of your savings with coupons through the year. I started, and halfway through 2012, realized I could not possibly blog, handle kids, the house, and maintain receipts. I admit I failed miserably… those of you who may not know me, I am severely disorganized at home.

But some of you multitasking Queens & Kings may be able to do a better job than I. Now we’re in 2012, and I had a very generous reader tweak the sheet for me, and now it takes care of percentages for you. Thanks so much to reader Patricia for that :)

The “Savings Spreadsheet” that I made has 14 worksheets. The first worksheet (shown above) is named “Annual Summary”. This sheet is a roll up of the 12 monthly worksheets. You need not touch ANYTHING in the Annual Sheet. It has all been automatically programmed for you. When you fill in the monthly worksheets, you will only fill in the highlighted area only.

The highlighted area will automatically fill in the monthly summary total and the annual summary.

There is also a sheet for Rebates – so you can track your submissions. That sheet rolls up and is factored into the Annual Summary also.

I suggest sitting down once a week with all of your receipts and entering them in then. I keep USED TO keep a tray on my desk in my computer area – every time I made a run to the store, I come home and “dropped” the receipt in the tray. I then sat down once a week to input the figures.

Hopefully I haven’t confused anyone! Go HERE to download the sheet – it should open fine for you. I created it in Excel and saved it as an Excel Macro Enabled Workbook. To edit it yourself, or input numbers, you will need to re-save it with an alternative name on your desktop.